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Erblaw – A Philadelphia tax, corporate and international law firm co-founded by, well, you know
erblawg – news, info and commentary from the erblaw team
Wallet Pop

Blogs I read constantly:
About Freelance Writing – everything (and I mean everything) that you need to know about freelancing
FranBest – who knew franchising could be this much fun
The Wallet – It’s the financial blog for the WSJ. How can you not read it?

Legal Blogs:
Above the Law
Build a Solo Practice
My Shingle
Volokh Conspiracy

Tax Blogs:
California Tax Attorney Blog
Death and Taxes
Don’t Mess With Taxes
Get IRS Help
In House Tax
Mauled Again
Roth & PC
Tax Fix
Tax Grotto
The Tax Issue
Tax Prof Blog
Tax Research UK
The Tax Lawyer’s Blog
Wandering Tax Pro

Tax Resources:
Tax Law Center

Legal Resources:
ABA Journal

And just plain funny:
Tax Cartoons

My links policy… Yep, I have a policy about linking. I’m a lawyer, for goodness sake.

So here you go:

1, This isn’t grade school. I won’t link to you just because you link to me. I don’t care if you won’t let me in your club.
2, The whole point of a blogroll is to share resources with my readers – either because I like the site or I think my readers will find it valuable (or hopefully both). Please don’t send me completely unrelated site links. It’s a waste of both of our time.
3, I rarely – and I mean, rarely – ever link to another law firm’s site. Perhaps if you’re wildly witty and entertaining, I’ll consider it (but probably not). Otherwise, see #2.
4, I don’t link to sites that splog, steal content or otherwise take advantage of my fellow bloggers. Didn’t your mother teach you better manners than that?
5, My readers have enough credit cards, mortgages and life insurance already – or they’re smart enough to know where to look for them. So no.
6, The point of a blog is to have fresh content. If you haven’t updated in months – or if you’re a “seasonal blog” (you know who you are) – why even bother to ask?
7, There’s a time and a place for everything including bad language, porn and over the top snark. That time and place will never involve Move along.
8, This isn’t West Side Story: just cause you’re a Jet today doesn’t mean that you’ll be a Jet tomorrow. I do read the blogs and sites on my links page, so I expect that the criteria as outlined above stays constant. I reserve the right to cut you without notice. I have standards, you know. But really, it’s not about you, it’s about me.

If, after all of that, you think you’re still a good fit and I’ve somehow missed you, drop me a note (kelly [dot] erb [at] taxgirl [dot] com). I love discovering new sites and new reads: they just have to make sense for the blog. Thanks for understanding – and happy blogging!