Al Sharpton Denounces Claims He Owes Millions In Taxes To IRS, New York

Al Sharpton agrees with charges that his nonprofit, the National Action Network, owes outstanding taxes to the IRS and the State of New York. He also agrees that he owes personal taxes to the IRS and the State of New York. He doesn’t, however, agree that he owes as much as alleged, charging that the story was intended to call attention to an old story instead of the one he thinks folks should be talking about: Ferguson.

Vatican Suspends ‘Bishop Of Bling’ Over $40 Million Home Renovation

Pope Francis has suspended a German bishop – dubbed the “Bishop of Bling” – whose $42 million home renovation has outraged the Catholic Church. The lavish renovations, together with other spending allegations, has raised questions about church revenue, much of which is raised through the government. What will this mean for Germany? And is it ever a good idea to mix church and state?

Lesson Lerner-ed? Disgraced IRS Official Tenders Resignation

Remember Lois Lerner? The former Internal Revenue Service Director of Exempt Organizations made headlines this spring when she was accused improperly targeting certain applications for tax-exempt status based on keywords and politically charged language. She’s finally stepping down from her position. Why now?

Back To School: Donating Backpacks, Clothes & School Supplies

It’s Back To School Week on the blog! All week long, I’ll be answering your questions about school and tax – complete with fun giveaways. Next up: tips on claiming charitable deductions for donating school supplies, backpacks and more.

Congress Clashes Over Conspiracy Theories & Political Agendas As IRS Targeting Appears To Include “Progressives”

Did they or didn’t they? For weeks, we’ve been hearing whispers that the Internal Revenue Service’s screening process which targeted certain tax exempt organizations included not only “Tea Party” terminology but those on the other end of the political spectrum, as well. Those whispers have now become roars. Democrats in the House claim that the IRS has provided information which proves that the term “progressives” was used as an identifier on the now infamous “Be On the Look Out” (BOLO) lists. Members of the Ways and Means Committee Democratic staff also officially verified that the list of those of organizations …