Al Sharpton Denounces Claims He Owes Millions In Taxes To IRS, New York

Al Sharpton agrees with charges that his nonprofit, the National Action Network, owes outstanding taxes to the IRS and the State of New York. He also agrees that he owes personal taxes to the IRS and the State of New York. He doesn’t, however, agree that he owes as much as alleged, charging that the story was intended to call attention to an old story instead of the one he thinks folks should be talking about: Ferguson.

IRS Filing Deadline For Tax-Exempt Organizations A Few Days Away

While most taxpayers – including for profit corporations – have already filed their tax return (or extension) for the year, it’s still filing season for many tax-exempt organizations. There are just a few days left for those organizations to comply: for most tax-exempt organizations, the key date is May 15. May 15 is the filing deadline for calendar year tax-exempt organizations (most tax-exempt organizations are on a regular calendar tax year). Those tax-exempt organizations which observe a different tax year end have until the 15th day of the fifth month following the close of their alternate tax year to file. …