Fundraising Campaign Ends For ‘Ebola Free’ Nurse, Donors Encouraged To Contribute To Charity

Nina Pham, the nurse who contracted Ebola while taking care of Thomas Eric Duncan, has been declared free of the virus. The fundraising campaign for her has now wrapped and donors are encouraged to put their dollars towards Ebola charities. Exercise care, though: Ebola related scams are on the rise.

Admit It: The Clintons Didn’t Do Any Tax Planning You Wouldn’t Do

The headlines are meant to grab your attention: Wealthy Clintons use trusts to avoid full estate tax they back After touting estate tax, Bill and Hillary Clinton seize on loopholes Bill and Hillary Clinton are dodging ‘death tax’ on their homes despite campaigning to raise it Clintons use loophole to avoid estate tax they helped … Read more

Goldieblox Asks Court To Bless ‘Girls’ Ad After Legal Threats From Beastie Boys

If you’ve found yourself humming along to that catchy song, “Girls” from the Goldieblox ad, you’re not alone: the video of their latest ad has gone viral with over 8 million views. The Beastie Boys, who penned the original version of the song are crying foul. Now, the courts have been asked to weigh in.

New York To Issue Tax Refunds For Same Sex Couples

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that New York will issue estate tax refunds to those taxpayers who file amended returns as a result of the recent Supreme Court ruling that deemed DOMA unconstitutional.