Why Justice Matters: The Indictment & Trial Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On Tax Charges

We all know about the civil rights struggle of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But what do you know about his personal struggle? Dr. King was a target for government officials, including taxing authorities. Dr. King was criminally charged with tax fraud. What happened might just remind you why justice matters…

Taxes & Independence: Happy Fourth Of July

Today, kids will decorate wagons with streamers and drag them down small town streets while big marching bands play John Philip Sousa tunes. There will be floats and beauty queens with big smiles (and even bigger hair). Smells from cookouts and barbecues will fill neighborhoods as folks fire up the grill to make hotdogs, hamburgers … Read more

Marc Rich, Famous Fugitive & Alleged Tax Evader Pardoned By President Clinton, Dies

Marc Rich, one of the most famous white collar criminals in recent memory, has died in Switzerland at age 78, as the result of a stroke. Rich became a millionaire before he turned 50 – but not without controversy. The college dropout (he never finished New York University) found a profitable market in trade. By … Read more

Federal Gas Tax Passes Another Milestone: What Is The Future?

Happy birthday, federal gas tax! Yes, on this day in 1932, President Herbert Hoover signed the Revenue Act of 1932 authorizing the first federal gasoline tax. It was the first gas tax on a federal level but not the first gas tax in the country: all of the states at the time had their own … Read more

As Many Celebrate 4/20, Feds Still Won’t Budge on Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana

Today is April 20 or 4/20. If I get a blank stare with that proclamation, then you’re among the millions of Americans who are outside of counterculture. You see, 420 is famously (or infamously, depending on who you ask) associated with the celebration of marijuana. While there are dozens of theories about how the date … Read more

As Squabbles Over Budget Continue, Annual White House Easter Egg Tradition Rolls On

My kids are minutes away from their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Set among the backdrop of rural North Carolina, it’s miles away – both literally and figuratively – from the White House Easter Egg Roll. Both are scheduled to go on this year, despite fears to the contrary. While there was no scandal at my … Read more

Tax Trivia Giveaway #2: Presidential Income

(Update: We have our winners!) Our second tax trivia question is: In honor of President’s Day, this question focuses on presidential tax returns. Since Richard Nixon, almost all of our U.S. Presidents (and most presidential candidates) have reported this specific kind of additional income on their tax returns. Since it’s occasional income for our Presidents, … Read more

Tax Trivia Giveaway #1: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

(Update: We have a winner!) Our first tax trivia question is: On this day in 1929, gunmen in Chicago wearing stolen police uniforms murdered seven members of a rival crime organization run by Bugs Moran. The murders would come to be known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The boss of those gunmen was suspected … Read more