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Podcast 1.06: This Week In Tax News + Same Sex Marriages

25 October 2013

This week, the shutdown was all over the news from how it affected taxpayers to the National Parks to scammers taking advantage of IRS being closed. I talk shutdown, Miss America on the Boardwalk and the poor “dead” guy who can’t get the judge to agree that he’s alive (really). And our hot tax topic […]

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Bolt Strikes At Diamond League Games, Says UK Races Hinge On Tax Laws

28 July 2013

Usain Bolt said he wouldn’t race in the U.K. after the Olympics unless they changed their tax laws… and they did, extending the laws in place for the Olympics for the Diamond Games. But is this a trend?

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Louisiana To Offer ‘Fresh Start’ Tax Amnesty Program

24 July 2013

As Louisiana looks for ways to patch its budget, it falls back on Gov. Jindal’s plan to offer amnesty. The plan, which was passed by the Legislature, calls for staggered tax amnesty beginning this fall.

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Ending Tax Breaks On Municipal Bonds Shifts Burden To The Rest Of Us

16 July 2013

Better check that portfolio: the Obama administration is continuing to push for limits on the tax exemption of municipal bonds. The plan was tucked away in the President’s budget introduced in April but hasn’t attracted much public attention – until now, when it appears that the cap may actually happen. Traditionally, municipal bonds have attracted […]

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IRS Issues Tax Relief Reminder For Taxpayers Affected By The Boston Marathon Bombings

12 July 2013

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a reminder that Boston area taxpayers and others affected by the Boston Marathon bombings have until Monday, July 15, 2013, to file their individual 2012 federal income tax returns and make any payments due. The relief, which was announced just days after the tragedy, applies to all individual taxpayers […]

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Parents Sue School For Art Auction Gone Bad

11 July 2013

Every parent believes that their little darling is an artistic genius – but most of us settle for putting up a couple of paintings and drawings on the fridge door (that’s my kid’s drawing of me on the right). That isn’t the case for Michelle and Jon Heinemann who felt that they could put a […]

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Hot Tips For Safeguarding Business & Tax Records

10 July 2013

The rains and extreme weather continues to pound parts of the country this week. Earlier, I posted about taking steps to protect your personal documents and financial records in the event of a weather related disaster. But what about your business? When it comes to business, Scan, scan, scan. Businesses deal with so much paper. […]

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Americans Don’t Take Vacation Even Though It’s One Of The Best Benefits Around

9 July 2013

In my first real job as an attorney, I made a huge mistake: I assumed I would have some time off. I had so much faith, in fact, that I made arrangements to fly home to visit my parents on Christmas Eve. But our office didn’t close on Christmas Eve. And people in my office […]

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Extreme Weather Serves Up Important Reminders To Taxpayers

5 July 2013

I’ve spent much of this week de-icking my house. I’ve bailed water out of my basement, wiped mildew off of furniture and emptied the dehumidifier more times than I care to count. I’m hardly alone: it’s been a wet one on the east coast. Heavy rains have been reported this summer from Maine to Florida. […]

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As Taxpayers Scramble To Make Sense Of DOMA, IRS Issues Statement

1 July 2013

When the Supreme Court handed down its opinion last week on Windsor (the DOMA case), it surprised more than a few folks. Count those as surprised: the Internal Revenue Service which must now come to terms with how to treat what is sure to be an onslaught of amended returns and even more confusion. As […]

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