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Bolt Strikes At Diamond League Games, Says UK Races Hinge On Tax Laws

28 July 2013

Usain Bolt said he wouldn’t race in the U.K. after the Olympics unless they changed their tax laws… and they did, extending the laws in place for the Olympics for the Diamond Games. But is this a trend?

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Dolce & Gabbana Say Tax Woes May Force Them To Close

25 July 2013

A month after Dolce & Gabbana was found guilty on tax charges, the pair is fighting back. After closing their stores for three days in protest, the designers are making noise about shutting down for good.

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Funny Money Or New Economy? Alternative Currency Raises Tax, Other Challenges

22 July 2013

As interest in alternative currencies like Equal Dollars and BerkShares grows, the tax implications of using currencies for goods and services become more relevant. We know that IRS has its eye on digital currencies like Bitcoin and previously, Liberty Reserve, but what about local currencies?

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Dead Men Tell No Tales: Deceased Russian Lawyer Found Guilty Of Tax Evasion

17 July 2013

A Moscow court has ruled Hermitage Capital Management founder William Browder and his tax advisor and lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, guilty of tax fraud. Magnitsky was found guilty posthumously; he died in prison nearly four years ago. Browder was found guilty in absentia after being forced from the country in 2006.

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After Official Rejection, Holes In Swiss Policy Leave Banking Industry Uncertain

23 June 2013

A year ago, the biggest story in banking was that the U.S. and Switzerland had reached an accord that would all but end the secrecy afforded to offshore account holders. What a difference a year can make. As summer session draws to a close, the lower house of the Swiss parliament has rejected – twice […]

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Court Date Set For Messi As Details Emerge On Tax Evasion Charges

20 June 2013

A court date has been set for Spanish football Lionel Messi. The four-time World Player of the Year must appear in a Barcelona court on September 17 to answer to charges of tax fraud. The 26 year old sports phenom, who hails originally from Argentina, made his debut on the world football stage in [entity […]

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Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced To Prison For Tax Evasion

19 June 2013

Are prison stripes the next fall look for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana? The Italian fashion duo have been found guilty of tax evasion by Judge Antonella Brambilla and sentenced to one year and eight months in prison. Neither Dolce nor Gabbana appeared at the sentencing in Milan and have continued to deny the charges. […]

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Tax Fraud Allegations Against Princess Said To Be Case Of Mistaken Identity

18 June 2013

Spain is making tax news again but not for the right reasons: the Spanish tax authorities now say they made a huge mistake in a high profile tax case. Authorities now claim they have found errors in reports that initially indicated that Princess Cristina, the youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of […]

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As More Countries Scramble To Fill Revenue Holes, Ukraine Plans To Triple Beer Tax

18 June 2013

Hold on to your Carlsberg: it’s about to get a lot more expensive to drink a pint in the Ukraine. Ukraine, which is the largest country wholly in Europe, borders Russia and Poland. At the turn of the 19th century, the country was poor and largely ignored by its bordering countries. Conflicts within Europe following […]

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Cameron Announces That G8 Will Focus On 3Ts: Taxes, Transparency & Trade

17 June 2013

As the G8 Summit kicked off today, all eyes were on British Prime Minister David Cameron to set the agenda. He announced that three Ts, taxes, transparency, and trade, would be priorities as world leaders settled in for the two day conference. G8 is term for the Group of Eight, a group of the governments […]

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