Ireland Declares ‘Double Irish’ Tax Scheme Dead

Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan has all but labeled the “Double Irish” deal dead during the presentation of his 2015 budget even as companies like Google claim that it won’t make a difference.

Italy Tries Bite At Apple As Authorities Investigate Tax Structures

The Securities and Exchange Commission may approve of Apple’s overseas tax strategies but Italian taxing authorities aren’t so sure. This week, those Italian taxing authorities announced that they are investigating whether Apple has paid all of its taxes. According to the weekly magazine L’Espresso, taxing authorities are considering whether – wait for it – Apple avoided tax by filing through a subsidiary in Ireland. The amount said to be at stake is reportedly as high as €1 billion ($1.34 billion U.S.). I know, shocking allegations. It’s amazing that we didn’t think of it first. Oh wait. Yes, the Italian government …

Bayern Munich Keeps Winning Even As Their Chief Faces Trial For Tax Evasion

Bayern Munich just keeps winning as it marches towards the UEFA round of 16… But Bayern Chief Uli Hoeness isn’t having the same kind of luck. This week, Hoeness found out that he will face a trial on charges of tax evasion with respect to millions of Euros he kept hidden from German taxing authorities.