Miserable, Awful & Delayed: Commissioner, Tax Advocate Talk 2015 Tax Season

Worried about the upcoming tax season? So are IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson. I sat down with both of them to talk about challenges for the upcoming season, including coping with budget cuts, increased compliance concerns due to ACA, FATCA and the extenders and a delay to the tax season.

House Committee Votes To Hold Lerner In Contempt, Others Push For Criminal Prosecution

It was a flurry of activity on the Hill this week as one committee voted to pursue charges against disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner as another committee asked Attorney General Eric Holder to consider criminal charges. Where do things stand now?

Why Justice Matters: The Indictment & Trial Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On Tax Charges

We all know about the civil rights struggle of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But what do you know about his personal struggle? Dr. King was a target for government officials, including taxing authorities. Dr. King was criminally charged with tax fraud. What happened might just remind you why justice matters…

Berlusconi Sentenced For Tax Fraud, On Trial For Sex Crimes

Che scandalo! It feels like something out of a Hollywood movie: a once powerful world leader in court on a series of charges including tax fraud, sex crimes and a police cover-up, a Moroccan dancer as the victim and the hunky actor, George Clooney as a potential witness (honestly, how many times do you see … Read more

More On Romney’s Tax Returns

Here’s the thing about taxes: every bit of our current tax policy offers some insight into our collective approach to social behavior. Specifically, a lot of tax focuses on what we value – and why. It’s why I find tax policy so fascinating and why the tax geeks among us continue to hone in on … Read more

IRS Commissioner To Step Down Following Presidential Election

As expected, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Doug Shulman, the 47th commissioner to serve, has officially announced his plans to step down at the end of his term. That makes November 9, 2012, his last day in office. Shulman has served as IRS Commissioner since March 24, 2008. Shulman had already indicated earlier in the … Read more

What The VP Debate Taught Us About Romney/Ryan – And Didn’t Tell Us About Tax

Two minutes isn’t a lot of time to talk about taxes. It’s even less time when you’re trying to get in zingers and tout your platform. That’s what makes debates both fun and frustrating. During the Vice Presidential debate, VP hopeful Paul Ryan referred to his tax plan but didn’t offer any specifics. There was … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Christopher J. Wittich

This week, we head out to the midwest to meet our tax pro. Christopher J. Wittich is a supervisor in the tax department at Boyum & Barenscheer PLLP with offices in Minnesota (see how I totally didn’t mention the Vikings there and I could have?). Christopher also blogs for the firm at www.BoyBarCPA.com/blog. Here’s what … Read more