Judge Wants Tax Increase To Defend Against (Possible) Civil War

In Lubbock County, Texas, there’s talk of a tax increase. The increase is to be 1.7 cents per $100 for the next fiscal year, boosting the rate to 34.6 cents from the current rate of 32.9458 cents. The increases have been touted for a number of reasons. This week, on Fox TV, Lubbock County Judge … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Jennifer L. Lamb

One of the things that I love about being able to do this series is that it runs the gamut from attorneys to accountants to enrolled agents from all over the world and all stages of career life. This week, I get to focus on a relative “newbie”, Jennifer L. Lamb, CPA. Jennifer got her … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Scott Kregel

I hate to fly. I hate the whole waiting in lines and getting jostled about like cattle and being treated fairly poorly by folks who sometimes make me wonder how they actually managed to land a job with that particular set of social skills (yes, I’m talking to you, cranky TSA woman at the Chicago … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Bree G. Vopelak

I’m not the only tax professional hooked on the Olympics this year. The next tax pro in my Getting to Know You Tuesday series, Bree G. Vopelak, has copped to watching the trials earlier in the season. When not cheering on Team USA, she works at a law firm, Hamilton | Vopelak P.C., in Grapevine, … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Karen Neicy

One of the interesting things about tax is that it touches everything – and nearly everyone. You can work in the tax field and be an auditor, a tax agent, an attorney or an accountant – or you can write about tax as a copywriter, journalist or blogger. While I’ve traditionally featured tax attorneys and … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Jody Padar

So you know how you’ll read about someone in real life who sounds really cool and then you meet them and you’re so disappointed because that’s not at all how you imagined they were like? That’s not at all what happened when I met the next person in our Getting To Know You Tuesday series. … Read more

Getting to Know You Tuesday: Brian Borawski, CPA

Today’s Getting To Know You Tuesday post features Brian Borawski, CPA. Brian offers tax, accounting and financial management tips on his web site at Brian Borawski, CPA, PC. Here’s what Brian had to say: 1. Where are you now? In my office, which is in the basement of my house. 2. What’s your official title … Read more

Getting To Know You Tuesday: Shayna B. Chapman

Next in line for Getting To Know You Tuesdays is Shayna B. Chapman, CPA CITP CGMA, of Chapman & Burris CPAs LLC in Gallipolis, Ohio. Here’s what Shayna had to say: 1. Where are you now? In my home office overlooking the beautiful Ohio River where there is some peace and quiet. 2. What’s your … Read more

Professionals Offer Thoughts, Perspective On Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

My favorite part of tax law and tax policy is, after I’ve sorted through it all in my own head, picking the brains of my readers. I love hearing what other taxpayers think about tax policy and how the interpretations of the readers might differ from my own. That’s the fun part of having a … Read more

Once A Survivor, Always A Survivor: Richard Hatch Speaks Out On Taxes, IRS

On the first season of CBS’ Survivor, Richard Hatch was quickly painted as the villain. He was, to many viewers, too cocky and too focused on winning. Despite his less than favorable reputation, Hatch went on to become the first ever Survivor winner. More than ten years later, Hatch has found out what it means … Read more