Kentucky Fried Hoax: What Happens To The Cash?

Does this face look scary to you? That caption caught my attention, as did the picture of the adorable little girl with the purple bow in her hair. Her face was scarred and her right eye was covered with a bandage, but she was attempting a smile. The picture of the little girl, Victoria Wilcher, … Read more

What If Congressional Elections Were Run Like The NFL Draft?

Over the past few days, like many of you, I’ve been glued to the NFL draft board (Forbes’ Darren Heitner had great coverage here). It was exciting to see who was picked first (Houston took Jadeveon Clowney); who bit on Johnny Manziel (sorry, Cleveland) and where Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be … Read more

Ads Score Big At Super Bowl And At Tax Time, Too

It’s the Super Bowl. You’re watching for the football, right? Over a quarter of those tuned in do so to watch the commercials. That’s good news for advertisers – and lucky for them, they can take a tax deduction for the expense. But you don’t have to be a Super Bowl advertiser to claim promotional and advertising expenses.