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Remembering The ‘Hot Dog Tax’ On National Hot Dog Day

23 July 2013

It’s National Hot Dog Day! Here’s a brief look back at the hot dog tax, an expansion of the sales tax in New York under then Governor Rockefeller.

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Here Comes The Boom: Potential For Bombs, Booby Traps On Tax Protestor Land Up For Sale

22 July 2013

The compound of tax protestors Ed and Elaine Brown, the site of an infamous nine month standoff in 2007, is up for sale. It’s big. It’s beautiful. And it’s possibly booby-trapped.

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Another Town Hit With Property Tax Snafu

16 July 2013

Residents of Bel Air, Maryland, may be checking their mailboxes quite a bit this time of year looking for property tax bills. Officials have advised that all of the 4,300 property tax account bills for the town were subject to delays this month due to problems processing and mailing the bills. The bills typically show […]

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Parents Sue School For Art Auction Gone Bad

11 July 2013

Every parent believes that their little darling is an artistic genius – but most of us settle for putting up a couple of paintings and drawings on the fridge door (that’s my kid’s drawing of me on the right). That isn’t the case for Michelle and Jon Heinemann who felt that they could put a […]

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Americans Don’t Take Vacation Even Though It’s One Of The Best Benefits Around

9 July 2013

In my first real job as an attorney, I made a huge mistake: I assumed I would have some time off. I had so much faith, in fact, that I made arrangements to fly home to visit my parents on Christmas Eve. But our office didn’t close on Christmas Eve. And people in my office […]

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As More Countries Scramble To Fill Revenue Holes, Ukraine Plans To Triple Beer Tax

18 June 2013

Hold on to your Carlsberg: it’s about to get a lot more expensive to drink a pint in the Ukraine. Ukraine, which is the largest country wholly in Europe, borders Russia and Poland. At the turn of the 19th century, the country was poor and largely ignored by its bordering countries. Conflicts within Europe following […]

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Putin On The Blitz: Football Billionaire Says Russian President Took Super Bowl Ring

16 June 2013

The tale of New England Patriots owner and billionaire Robert Kraft and his XXXIX Super Bowl ring has taken a bizarre turn. At Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala at the Waldorf-Astoria awards ceremony on Thursday, Kraft discussed the history of the ring, claiming that it was stolen by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a […]

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Never Forget: Celebrating Memorial Day

27 May 2013

You’re probably firing up the grill later today. It is, of course, the unofficial first day of summer. But it’s also something more: Memorial Day. It’s the day to remember those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country: those who have died while in the military service. Even though the […]

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Scientist Pitches Proposal to Curb Bird Deaths: A Tax On Cats

4 May 2013

Birds in Germany are dying by the millions and Peter Berthold of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell, Germany, says that cats are to blame. By his calculation, cats kill approximately 50 million birds each year in Germany alone. The solution, he says, to this travesty, is a cat tax. No, this isn’t […]

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Retailer Target Jumps The Gun On Sales Tax

2 May 2013

Usually, companies land themselves in hot water with taxing authorities for waiting too late to take action. But it’s actually possible to get into trouble for acting too quickly. Just ask retailing giant Target: a Target store found itself under the microscope in South Carolina for allegedly implementing a new sales tax a month early. […]

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