Taxpayer Advocate Reports On Top 10 Most Litigated Tax Issues

What happens when a taxpayer disagrees with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Some people think that the matter ends there: the IRS always wins, right? Not necessarily. There are a few ways to appeal an action with IRS. Ironically, most of those appeals actions are actually taken up with IRS meaning that if you disagree … Read more

Copyright Troll Lawyer Pleads Poverty, Asks To Be Let Off The Hook

Brett Gibbs is not a likable guy. Together with John Steele, Paul Hansmeier and Paul Duffy, attorneys at Prenda Law (formerly known, among other things, as Steele Hansmeier, PLLC), he made life fairly miserable for thousands of potential defendants. Prenda sought out web users that allegedly downloaded porn illegally. The firm then filed copyright infringement … Read more

Americans Replace Student Loan Bills With Tax Bills

Americans now owe an astonishing $956 billion in student loan debt. The rate of student loan debt outpaced inflation last year – and keeps climbing. I should know: I am one of those still working to pay off student loan debt. I borrowed to pay for my education because I couldn’t afford to go otherwise. … Read more

Attorney Disbarred For Submitting Falsified Tax Returns For Financial Aid

Paying for private school can be painful. Losing the right to ever practice law again has to be worse. And yet, Bruce Paul Golden apparently weighed the two and opted for the latter. The former securities lawyer, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1969, was recently disbarred by the Supreme Court of Illinois for … Read more

When Is A Penalty A Tax? Sorting Through The SCOTUS Health Care Decision.

So first things, first. The Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a little background on the Act can be found here). It was a close decision, with the final vote being 5-4. The opinion was delivered by Chief Justice Roberts, who affirmed the decision along with (generally) Justices Breyer, Sotomayor and … Read more

Sunday Mailbag: The Traveling Edition

Occasionally my mind is blown by what we can do with technology. Today is totally one of those days. I’m currently on a USAirways flight headed for Las Vegas where I’ll be speaking and mingling with about 1,400 other tax professionals at the Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ Conference in partnership with the Association for Accounting … Read more

Legal Meltdown: Was Dewey Too Big To Fail?

Guaranteed $5 million pay packages with no strings. Borrowing from a number of banks to stay afloat. Lavish corporate offices. Unchecked spending. Questionable financials. Another Wall Street meltdown? Not quite. This one is a law firm. And it’s huge. Until recently, Dewey & LeBouef, LLP, (formerly the separate firms of Dewey Ballantine and LeBoeuf, Lamb, … Read more