Al Sharpton Denounces Claims He Owes Millions In Taxes To IRS, New York

Al Sharpton agrees with charges that his nonprofit, the National Action Network, owes outstanding taxes to the IRS and the State of New York. He also agrees that he owes personal taxes to the IRS and the State of New York. He doesn’t, however, agree that he owes as much as alleged, charging that the story was intended to call attention to an old story instead of the one he thinks folks should be talking about: Ferguson.

NFL Flagged With Another Challenge To Tax-Exempt Status Because Of Redskins

With football season in full swing, members of Congress are taking another hit at the NFL’s tax exempt status: a second bill has been introduced which aims to eliminating tax exempt status unless the Washington Redskins yank their name. Does it have enough support to make a difference?

Internet Tax Ban Ending Soon: Speaker Boehner Hopes To Keep Internet Tax Free

With Black Friday on its way, will the internet stay tax free? Speaker Boehner has signaled that he will not support the Main Street Fairness Act. However, with the moratorium on taxing internet access under the Internet Tax Freedom Act about to expire, is there room for compromise?

What Matters Most When It Comes To Tax Reform? Hint: It’s Not Control Of Congress.

Last night, the elections signaled a power shift in Congress. With Republicans controlling both houses, does that mean tax reform is on the way? Here’s why, historically, it’s not control of Congress that matters: it’s something else.

Will Congress Keep The Internet Tax Free?

Chances are, you might be paying Verizon to read this. Or Comcast. Or some other internet provider. But you’re not paying Uncle Sam. And you’re probably not paying your state or municipality. By law, federal, state and local governments may not tax internet access. The Internet Tax Freedom Act (downloads as a pdf), is part … Read more

Congress, Ignoring History, Considers Turning Over Tax Debts To Private Collection Agencies

The tax gap in the United States is estimated to be about $385 billion. The tax gap is the difference between what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expects to collect in taxes and what they actually collect. That sounds like a lot of money. And I agree that it is. But considering that the IRS … Read more