Did Volkswagen’s Deception Cost US Taxpayers Millions?

The fallout from the diesel emissions cheating scandal at Volkswagen continued today with Martin Winterkorn tendering his resignation as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) even as he took responsibility for what he called “irregularities.” Winkerkorn’s resignation came just days after Volkswagen admitted that it had manipulated software in some diesel cars in order to produce favorable – … Read more

Another FC Barcelona Star Could Face Tax Evasion Charges Despite Paying Up

Superstar-laden FC Barcelona might be among the top teams in the Spanish Liga BBVA this season but the team is making news – again – for a more undesirable reason: tax investigations. As Lionel Messi awaits trial on tax evasion charges, another Barcelona star may be joining him. Spanish news outlet El Pais has reported that teammate Javier Mascherano … Read more

Mega-Mansion Attracts Notice By Feds, Results In Criminal Charges

11 bedrooms. 14 full baths. 5 half baths. 13 fireplaces. 32,400 square feet. A home of that size, thought to be the largest in Pennsylvania, is sure to attract attention and that’s exactly what happened. According to local sources, federal agents flying in and out of Pittsburgh noticed the size and scope of a mansion … Read more

Owner Of ITS, Formerly Fourth Largest Tax Prep Biz In Country, To Face Criminal Charges

Earlier this week, a federal grand jury sitting in Dayton, Ohio, handed down a 23 count indictment (downloads as a pdf) against Fesum Ogbazion and Kyle Wade for conspiracy and tax-related crimes. Ogbazion and Wade were each charged with one count of impeding the administration of the Internal Revenue Code, one count of conspiracy to … Read more

Defendants Sentenced For Stealing 9,000 Identities, Including Army Soldiers

Identity theft related tax fraud continues to be a problem in the United States, even as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and law enforcement cracks down. Earlier this month, eight residents of Alabama and Georgia were sentenced for their roles in a wide-ranging scheme that involved 9,000 stolen identities, netting the defendants nearly $10 million. … Read more

Alabama Man Sentenced To Jail For Stealing Identities Inside Jail

When an Alabama man dreamed up a way to make a little money on the side, he went straight to a captive audience: the prisoners in the Troy city jail. Devon Tucker, a former jailer, pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of conspiracy and one count of aggravated identity theft in a scheme … Read more

Wealthy Couple Sentenced To Jail For Obstructing IRS At Audit

“You’re two people who have great talent, who’ve been very successful in life, who I am going to send to prison,” Manhattan Federal Court Judge Denise Cote advised Dr. Jeffrey Stein and his wife, Marla Stein, shortly before handing down their sentence. Both will spend time in federal prison for their respective roles in cheating … Read more

Congressman Chaka Fattah & Associates Indicted In Racketeering Conspiracy

Just weeks after former Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) was sentenced to prison on tax related charges, Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) and a number of his associates found themselves targeted by the feds. On Wednesday, a 29 count indictment was handed down to Fattah, as well as lobbyist Herbert Vederman, 69, of Palm Beach, Florida; Fattah’s … Read more

Five Treasury Checks Among 22,000 Pieces Of Mail Delivered Straight To Garage

Ever wonder if the check really is in the mail? For some postal customers in Pennsylvania, the answer was yes: those checks just never actually made it to their destinations. And they allegedly have Patrick D’Ambrosio to blame. D’Ambrosio, a 48 year old Philadelphia postal worker, has been charged with obstruction for failing to deliver … Read more

Former U.S. Representative Grimm Sentenced To Prison For Tax Fraud

Former U.S. Representative Michael Grimm (R-NY) got something of a break earlier today when he was sentenced to just eight months in prison on tax related charges. He had faced up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to one felony count of tax fraud. At the time of Grimm’s plea, U.S. Attorney Loretta … Read more