Ask The Taxgirl: Disclaimer

Have a question for me? Before you ask, let’s make sure we understand a few things, ok? Unless you have a representation letter in hand, you and I don’t have an attorney-client relationship, capiche? I mean, I’m sure you’re a nice person. I appreciate you stopping by. But it doesn’t mean anything more (I’m having … Read more

#100MoneyTips Now Available As An eBook

What started out as a project for the Investment Team at Forbes has turned into an eBook. I’m excited to present our #100MoneyTips book with a forward by – you guessed it – the Taxgirl. It includes great information about life insurance, student loans, credit and, of course, taxes. You can pick up a copy … Read more

Top Tax Stories Of 2014

While taxpayers and tax professionals all over the country are bracing themselves for the 2015 tax season, it’s a good time to take a look back at 2014. It was, to say the least, quite an interesting year for tax professionals, taxpayers (especially foreign taxpayers), banks and financial institutions, and, of course, the Internal Revenue … Read more