Braves New World? Taxpayer Funding Remains A Concern As Atlanta Rushes Towards New Stadium

When I was in elementary school, I had two career paths in mind: shortstop for the Atlanta Braves or trial lawyer. This was the result of many long summer afternoons of sitting with my granddaddy watching Dale Murphy in the outfield and Perry Mason in the courthouse. We didn’t live in Atlanta. Or even in Georgia. We lived in North Carolina where, at the time, there were no professional sports teams. Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), however, beamed the Atlanta Braves via satellite into my grandaddy’s living room where we could watch hours of baseball and old TV reruns. It was …

Up In Flames: Cigarette Taxes Create Opportunity For Revenue And Crime

As cigarette taxes climb higher, so, too, does the potential for crime. The ATF calls cigarettes the number one commodity in the black market due to the ability to turn a quick dollar with relatively low risk. It’s profitable for crooks and for the government. So, do we raise the tax yet again?