The Most Tax Friendly Country In The World Is…. (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not The U.S.)

The United States pays more in taxes than other developed countries. It’s more expensive to do business here than anywhere else. You’ve heard those kinds of statements before, right? It’s been drilled into our consciousness – especially in an election year. But is it true? Not so says KPMG. The accounting giant conducted a major … Read more

Southern States Have Highest Percentages of Non-Paying Tax Filers

Remember this article (and this one) about the numbers of non-paying tax filers? Today, the Tax Foundation released a series of groupings of IRS data showing the breakdown of non-paying tax filers. You can see the results by the numbers here. The Tax Foundation also released the data as a graph: The red-colored states are … Read more

IRS Claims 2 Out of 3 Taxpayers Now E-File

And here’s their evidence: Of course more folks are e-filing. It’s fast, it’s easy. And with more folks than ever with internet and computer access, it’s to be expected. But. And you knew there would be a but. Here’s my cynical take… You’ll note fewer taxpayers filing generally, down a whopping 12 million this year. … Read more

Tax or No Tax?

The good news: nearly 50% of American households (47%, to be precise) won’t pay any federal income tax in 2009. The bad news: the remaining 50% (or so) will have to foot the bill for everyone. You can thank (or blame) the new economic recovery package for bumping the percentage of taxpayers who won’t be … Read more

More Than Half of US Companies Pay No Income Tax

According to the Government Accountability Office, in any given year, at least 60% of US corporations surveyed paid no federal income tax liability for 1998 to 2005 (the years studied). That statistic includes corporations of varied sizes. If the trends in the survey are accurate, nearly one quarter of large US corporations don’t pay any … Read more