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There’s A Lot Wrong With The Internet Sales Tax Proposal, So Why Aren’t More People Talking About It?

6 May 2013

“Why are you so quiet?” I’m never accused of being quiet. But this time, I have been quiet and I guess a bit of an explanation is in order. What everyone is talking about – and I have not been talking about – over the past couple of weeks is the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, […]

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Temporary TurboTax Glitch Stresses Out Last Minute Tax Filers

15 April 2013

When it rains, it pours. In the midst of an already tense tax season, taxpayers had a brief moment of worry last night when the online system for TurboTax appeared to melt down. After a few error messages, some angry tweeting and a little hyperventilating, things returned to normal. So what happened? According to Julie […]

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As April 15 Creeps Closer, Tax Refund Scams Still Coming

12 April 2013

With just days left in tax season, scammers are still trying their best to get you to click on refund-related emails. Here’s the latest in the string of those that I received today:   You can see a copy of the prior variation-on-a-theme scam here. Don’t fall for these scams. These emails are intended to […]

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IRS, H&R Block Release Statements About Processing Delays

13 March 2013

(Note: Updated to reflect Department of Education comments.) As anger continues to grow over delays with processing the federal form 8863, Education Credits, I reached out to the Internal Revenue Service, H&R Block and the Department of Education to answer your questions. IRS spokesperson Michelle Eldridge offered the following statement about the delays: The IRS […]

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Minnesota Tax Authorities Warn Taxpayers To Stop Using Intuit Products

9 March 2013

Every year, we expect to see a few glitches in tax filings, including software bugs and processing issues. Generally, those are resolved pretty quickly and without much interruption. This year, however, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has taken the rather remarkable step of advising taxpayers not to use Intuit products, including TurboTax, to file your […]

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TurboTax Offers Free Tax Software For Junior Military, Discounts for Officers

16 February 2013

I’ve been part of a military family ever since I was 14 years old. My older brother (now retired military) announced that he was following in his grandfather’s footsteps and joining the Navy when I was still in high school. My younger brother (career military) followed suit a few years later, making us officially a […]

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When Politics and Hollywood Intersect: Actress Tweets Tax Policy Among Criticism

10 September 2012

From Clint Eastwood to Scarlett Johansson, the 2012 presidential election is quickly becoming a celebrity studded affair. At both the Republican and Democratic conventions, celebrities stood up for their preferred candidate with albeit mixed reviews. Celebs have been chiming in about their preferred picks online, too, through social media. Through tweets and blogs, a number […]

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Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested For Alleged Tax Cybercrime

8 September 2012

Last week, Gottfrid Svartholm was arrested. Again. If that name rings a vaguely Scandinavian bell, it’s because he’s the co-founder of Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay, founded less than 10 years again in Sweden, made news over the past ten years for its controversial – and generally illegal – file-sharing practices. Specifically, Svartholm and his co-founder […]

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Tax Transaction Hoax Emails Make Another Appearance

23 August 2012

How appropriate that after yesterday’s post on e-bills I received not one – but nine – scam emails purporting to be from IRS. Apparently, those scammers are making yet another effort to cheat taxpayers, hoping for short memories. Don’t fall for it. The subject headers all have some variation of “Your federal tax transaction” or […]

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You’ve Got Mail: E-Bills for Taxes Could Be Headed Your Way

22 August 2012

I love technology. I love that I can order a car from Uber at the touch of a button on my Droid. I love that my kids can talk to my husband when he’s in Germany practically “face to face” for free using Skype. I love that I no longer drive in circles around greater […]

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