CNN Readers Want More Stimulus Checks

CNN readers seem to think that Obama should focus dollars on more stimulus checks instead of infrastructure. Check out these recent poll results (as of 12/11/08 11:06am):


Of course, my money’s on infrastructure improvements a la FDR. My best guess is that Obama’s team will advise that the job market – not the consumer market – needs the biggest boost.

For more on what’s likely to be included in Obama’s stimulus plan in 2009, check out this related article.

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13 thoughts on “CNN Readers Want More Stimulus Checks

  1. Kelly-

    Greed is alive and well!

    It appears that a large portion of the American Public could care less about what is good for the country – they only care about what they can put in their pocket!

    People wonder why I am so cynical – it comes from 35+ years of dealing with the public!


  2. My money is on Mass Transit projects. That would do the most long term good for America. When (not if) fuel prices skyrocket again, mass transit is going to be the cheapest way to move people.

    We need to invest now while energy prices are down.

  3. Mass transit only works in cities with large population densities. The vast majority of US citizens live outside these areas. My area has a bus transit system which continually loses money and doesn’t provide enough routes to the suburbs. The suburban communities are trying to opt out of the system due to this.

    If the transit system was good, people would use it and tax payers wouldn’t have to continually subsidize it to keep fares low. Considering the number of riders, the system is very costly to operate per rider if you consider the subsidies. I think federal money should never go to mass transit because mass transit is a local or regional expenditure and midwest states shouldn’t be funding NY, IL, and CA’s transit systems. Let state gov. handle it. The state residents pay for it. Leave me out of it.

    Stimulus checks are absolutely a waste of money if their goal is to stimulate the economy. If your goal is to buy votes, it may have some positive effect. We should call them welfare checks because that is basically what they are. Every adult gets one, even if their net tax bill is zero. In the end, stimulus checks do nothing to stimulate the economy because the money in the economy is just rearranged. It is taken from some and given to others. The net economic gain is zero. No more money is entering the system and you can argue that those that have been taxed for this money, would have done more to stimulate the economy than those that received the money. Nobody is going to start a business and hire people with $300, $600, or $1200. In times like these, the stimulus money ends up paying current bills, paying off old debt, or being saved for a rainy day.

    Roads and bridges are important and money is always spent in huge amounts in this country for them. I think the feds should slow down upgrades and focus the current money on repairs and maintenance. When the economy rebounds, they will then have the money to start new construction. Besides, if we forced Mass residents to pay back all the money they wasted on the big dig, we could probably maintain the rest of the roads in the country for a year. LOL

    The best option for the short and long term is for the government to stop the spending spree. We have had 16 years of skyrocketing spending and what has it got us. Trillions more in debt and no end in sight. Revenues to all governments are dropping like rocks due to economic inactivity. Raising taxes would further exacerbate the problem and deficit spending will continue to mortgage our children’s future. It is time for Americans to ask not what our country can do for us; but what we can do for our country. It seems unlikely considering so many want free health care, child care, welfare, et al. Be careful what you wish for, you might get a ten year recession.

  4. What do the numbers look like in terms of cost per person-mile for car travel, when you include what Federal, state, county, and local governments pay to build and maintain roads?


  5. Enough of the stimulus checks. All they did was pay an insurance bill, a tax bill, or some other bill that needed attention. I’m sure that did nothing to bolster the economy as a whole.
    It’s time to stop writing the checks and let business take care of business. Survival of the fittest. Even if that means the fittest are foreign manufacturers.
    Didn’t anybody take note when China recently prodded our government to protect THEIR interests in our economy? China holds more US notes than any company or individual in the United States.
    As for taxpayers subsidizing automakers, yes, they will help more companies than the automakers. But when you are offered a vehicle at a certain price, be sure to add the individual tax donation to the cost of that vehicle. It isn’t like the automakers will reduce the cost just because they got a hand out.

  6. Who really cares??? Our vote or opinion means nothing and we have no say in the matter. When is everyone going to realize this??? I am not being cynical, just realistic.

  7. If we get another stimulus check, I’m going to invest mine into a company that makes trailers because, by the looks of that poll there are going to be a lot of people living in them in the years ahead.

  8. Large and growing amounts of Families have been forced to cut back on their spending and just purchase necessaties, heat, water, air-conditioning (asthma and other health issues require this), food, homes, clothing, child care, health ins which rises every year to the point people can’t hardley afford it. However they cannot live without it. People with children or without dependent children need to purchase their own healthcare insurance. This is so important for their own future. Nobody knows when their own health may become an issue. At such a time period when everybody is so strapped for money and have these huge bills to pay, the stimulus package helps every family. I do not know of anybody that “put it away for a rainy day”. Families are loosing their houses because of job layoffs, no jobs available to keep them even close to what they were making, and getting kicked out of their houses and yes that includes families with young children and/or even infants, ON THE STREET.

  9. perhaps alot of Americans put the money away for just that reason, for something they may want to purchase later- not a need, but just something because they felt like it. The average americans are facing layoffs, job terminations, benefits that go along with loosing their jobs because of this economy. I understand that whatever the stimulus checks may be, $300 to $1200.00, those checks and finding part time jobs can and will make a difference in people filing more bankruptcys and facing loosing their homes, purchasing more food to put away, getting caught up on heat and electric bills, medical costs, accidents, or whatever. I know of more people that need that money for important issues while they continue to find a job, and checks will do more good than bad. The middle class has been chocked to death, and not many people even have the cable bill or the cell phone bill or even the landline bill or computer bills on the necessity list. It is simply the basics, survival. I do not enjoy seeing a father and his son out on a street corner begging for money because he lost his job and has ran out of opportunities for a chance to even be able to fight and regain his/her ability to provide a living as they had done months back. Paycheck to paycheck and having $40.00 left over can’t even get a pizza for a family of 5, or go take the children to the movies and get popcorn. Families have nothing extra and need assistance just as much as the big 3 do that fly around in their own personal lear jets to Washington to beg as well. You tell me what is right or wrong? I cannot afford a lear jet and fly to washington and ask for money, and I don’t think many of you can either. I side on the stimulus checks to aid all the 100,000s of people that need help. Not autodealerships. Sell their planes and tell them to cut back, keep their temp below 68 degrees and live paycheck to paycheck ( if they get one ) and live like most of the american people do. This is reality. The other is a joke.

  10. If Obama wants to help “working” people, then cut or eliminate the payroll taxes. Cut or eliminate the government payroll burden on the taxpayers.

  11. The old saying if you give a person a fish, you feed him once. If you teach a person to fish you feed him for their life. I prefer not to be more in debt to China, Kuwait,ect.
    Our government was (past tense)supposed to be a Republic, “By the People for the People” put in place to create laws only!, not a loan officer – handout center. If you want Socialism,move to Russia.
    Remember, our money is no longer based on the gold standard, so the more money our government prints the less its worth,and the worlds monetary folks are watching very closely to what we’re doing.

  12. I am all for the stimulus checks for this year! I am layed off from work and a a divorced single mom who gets little help from the father or anyone for that matter the check last year was the only thing that kept me and my children from losing our place to live!! I want to work I do not like having to take handout as you might say but jobs are few and we spend all this money helping other countries every year it is way past time we start helping our own people before it is to late to salvage anything!! I am so sick of stupied people saying people like me are just looking for a hadout i am doing everything i can to find a job including going back to school I want to be self relient but when all the jobs are going over seas what the hell did the goverment think was going to happen they sat back and watched it happen now they need to start fixing their mistakes!!!

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