Help! I Don’t Know How to Get Organized!

One of the most common type of questions that I get at is how to get organized at tax time. Questions range from “What kind of documents do I need?” to “What information do I need to give my tax preparer?”

To help you get started, I’ve prepared a quick checklist. You can download my tax prep checklist as a 72kb pdf here (it’s free, there’s no registration required). The first two pages are informational and required in order to get started on your tax returns – you can fill them out and take them to your tax pro or use it to help you get started on your tax software. The third page will help you determine which schedules you might need to complete – I’ve included the most commonly filed ones. The fourth page will help you get your documents together.

It’s not meant to be a comprehensive list – that could go on for pages and pages. It’s meant to be a quick reference. I hope you find it useful!

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9 thoughts on “Help! I Don’t Know How to Get Organized!

  1. The checklist is very helpful. Just to add to it when it comes tax time, it has most people digging for receipts they received the past year, looking in every nook and cranny of the house. Organizing your tax documents should start right after New Year’s Eve is over, so it will be much easier next year at tax time.

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