How Manly is taxgirl?

How often do you laugh out loud reading a tax blog? Well, I probably do a little too much, I am a tax geek after all.

But you can’t help but guffaw a little after reading Joe Kristan’s post analyzing the manliness of various tax blogs. I am more manly than Kerry Kerstetter and less manly than Kay Bell. I have thrown down the virtual gauntlet and challenged Kay to an arm wrestling match.

If you have a few moments to burn and want to try your luck with some blogs, check out Gender Analyzer.

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2 thoughts on “How Manly is taxgirl?

  1. I laughed too. Very hard in fact. Tears, stomach pains and all. Of course the fact that some men were Gender Analyzer decided were women are actually men too. Yet when you see a Blog called Taxgirl (duh girl) one might think this is a girl.

    Anyway, my money is on you for the arm wrestling match.

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