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A Beginner’s Guide To Taxes: Fixing Your Mistakes

15 February 2013

Mistakes happen. And sometimes, no matter how careful you are, those mistakes happen on a federal income tax return. You know what I’m talking about: a transposed number, a missed form, an overlooked schedule… Those are all innocent mistakes that can affect your federal income tax liability. While it’s tempting to fret over it, there’s […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Taxes: Which Tax Form Should I File?

10 February 2013

We all like for things to be simple. We gravitate towards words like easy, elementary and effortless. It all sounds so very… uncomplicated. Taxes, on the other hand, can be complicated. And as taxpayers, we find that frustrating. So it would make sense, then, that we would snatch up the easiest, least complicated tax forms […]

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Taxes from A to Z: X is for 1040-X

29 March 2011

We all make mistakes. And occasionally, those mistakes happen to involve a federal income tax return. For just those occasions, the IRS has created the federal form 1040-X (downloads as a pdf). The form 1040-X is surprisingly short: a mere two pages long. That’s because it’s not meant to be a new return, just an […]

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Ask the taxgirl: Amended Returns and Rebate Checks

26 February 2008

Taxpayer asks: A taxpayer with 9 children didn’t list them all on the ’07 return because they were not all required to obtain the maximum refund, but now wishes to file an amended return, since the number of children affect the amount of the rebate. Will the amended return produce the desired effect – i.e. […]

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