Taxes From A To Z (2013): X Is For Mutual Funds

X is for Mutual Funds. I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking I’ve completely lost my mind this close to Tax Day because the term “Mutual Funds” doesn’t begin with an X. You’re right, it doesn’t: it ends with an X. Confused? Here’s what I mean: the ticker symbol for mutual funds have an X … Read more

Taxes From A To Z (2013): U Is For Unrealized Gains and Losses

U is for Unrealized Gains and Losses. We’re in the process of selling our house. It is not worth as much this year as it was a few years ago (this, according to Trulia and other valuation sites) although it’s worth more than when we bought it. For tax purposes, we will actually have a … Read more

House Passes Senate Budget Bill Convincingly: We Have A Tax Deal!

Well, color me surprised. The House voted on the budget after all, and they voted up or down, rather than amending the Senate bill. The House voted “Yea” and they did so quite convincingly (257 YEA to 167 NAY). Here’s what the bill does: Income tax The tax cuts were extended – permanently – for … Read more

Vice President Biden Shops Costco As Costco Shops Tax Deal

So what do Vice President Joe Biden and I have in common? We both have a Costco card. It’s true. If you follow the blog (or me on @twitter), you know that I recently moved out of the city. And once here, I consulted my “What to do when you move into the suburbs” handbook … Read more

Preparedness 101: What Not To Do In 2012 As Tax Rates Creep Up

As December 31 creeps closer, we keep hearing stories about how the combination of increased taxes and sequestration is literally the end of the world. It has a whole zombie apocalypse feel to it. But should we ready our bunkers and stock up on canned goods just now? Not quite. Outside of taking note of … Read more

Tax Increases Looming In 2013: Who Pays, How Much & Will They Stick?

Over lunch, the day after the election, my husband brought up the “f” word. You know, the one I’ve thus far been refusing to say (hint: it rhymes with “biscal piff”). He had been reading the news and was wondering how badly this would affect us. I could barely choke down my broccoli as he … Read more

9 Tax-Related Myths About Selling Your Home

I am moving. It feels weird to finally say that out loud (er, yes, the blog counts as out loud). I have lived in my current home in Philadelphia for fourteen years: my entire adult life, more or less. In that time, I’ve stored up a whole houseful of memories. I have hosted Thanksgiving dinners … Read more

Beer, Taxes & Baseball: Can You Get Any More American Than That?

Baseball fans all over the country can breathe a sigh of relief. No, it’s not because the Phillies managed to crank out two runs in the ninth last night to remain atop the NL East. Rather, it’s because the darling of baseball these days, Christian Lopez, won’t be paying out of pocket for taxes after … Read more