Gulf Spill Yields Tax Talk About Multinationals

In the middle of all the “tax loopholes closing” that’s been going on in Congress, a big, fat one may have remained open. Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), who chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee, has opened an investigation into whether Transocean, Ltd., has been exploiting tax law loopholes by moving their headquarters overseas (spoiler alert, … Read more

Obama’s Treasury Pick Under Fire for Tax Liability

In the midst of the current economic crisis, I know that many in Congress were hoping for a smooth transition to a new administration. That may not happen. President Elect Barack Obama’s nomination to head the Treasury Department has hit a road block: revelations that Timothy Geithner had failed to timely pay $34,000 in taxes. … Read more

The Shill Of The Game

No, that’s not a typo. These days, it seems, it is all about the dollars. Even in college sports – or maybe especially in college sports. The headline on this week’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday Edition, blared “Raising Funds – and eyebrows” – the story about the push to raise money for colleges through athletics made … Read more

But I’m Not Rich!

That’s what many folks think when asked to consider whether they will be affected by the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax). But here’s where they’re wrong: the AMT is hitting middle class America more often. We’ve even argued about it a little bit on the blog (be sure and read the comments). And the consensus is … Read more