12 Expenses That Aren’t Tax Deductions For Most Taxpayers

“Can I deduct the cost of taking care of my cat? She’s like a member of the family.” Over the course of the year, I’ve received a bunch of questions – like the one above – about deductions. My answer is often, “It depends.” That’s because facts and circumstances matter: deductibility may hinge on such … Read more

Back To School: Donating Backpacks, Clothes & School Supplies

It’s Back To School Week on the blog! All week long, I’ll be answering your questions about school and tax – complete with fun giveaways. Next up: tips on claiming charitable deductions for donating school supplies, backpacks and more.

Why Santa Won’t Owe Any Income Taxes This Year

It’s Christmas Eve and, at my house, we’re busy preparing for guests. Mostly, we’re waiting on the cousins but my kids are also waiting for a certain man with a white beard – no, not my husband – it’s Santa! We’re tracking Santa’s progress via NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command, a United States and … Read more

Throwing A Holiday Party That Even Uncle Sam Will Love

Dear corporate types, I do love the B52s but under no circumstances should “Rock Lobster” be played – and danced to – at a company party. That was my tweet on yesterday. I happened to be working at a venue not far from such a party. It was a mishmash of mostly middle-aged corporate types … Read more