Julius Baer Shareholders React Favorably To Tax Settlement News

Shares of Julius Baer stock nosed north sharply yesterday after settlement talks with U.S. officials caused them to announced that the bank has set aside $350 million to pay potential fines related to an ongoing criminal investigation into tax practices. I know: it sounds confusing. Why would shares soar – to an all time high … Read more

Crowdfunding As An Investment Tool: Is Trouble Brewing?

This story appears in the June 29, 2015 issue of Forbes. After college, high school buddies Richard Wolf, Tyler Fontaine and Chris Carbutt started playing with a $75 home-brewing kit in the vacant barn on the Wolf family’s horse farm in Skippack, Pa. After two years of experimentation with fermentation and a lot of taste-testing … Read more

I’m Going Back To The Movies!

It’s ba-a-ack! Back by popular demand, this summer, Taxgirl is going back to the movies! That’s right, with Memorial Day blockbusters waiting in the wings, I’m reviving my “Taxgirl Goes To The Movies” feature. Here’s how it works: From time to time, beginning after Memorial Day, I’ll choose a movie to review. It may be … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Tax Bills Found In Just 2 States

There is some good news to be found in the real estate market these days. While home prices aren’t generally on the rise, neither are real estate taxes. In 2013, the median U.S. real estate tax bill was $2,132. That’s according to a Zillow analysis that used the most recent data available. That number is … Read more

5 Things Taxpayers Are Irrationally Afraid Of – And Shouldn’t Be

Tax issues cause some folks to act in an irrational manner. True, the taxman shouldn’t be ignored. But feared? Nah. Here’s my list of the top five things that taxpayers are irrationally afraid of and shouldn’t be: Being aggressive when it comes to deductions. You’re entitled to take deductions. C’mon, say it with me now: … Read more

Last Minute Dash: When, Where & How To File Those Last Minute Tax Returns In 2015

If you’re planning on filing your federal income tax return in the next few days, you’re not alone: statistically, about a quarter of all returns are mailed in the last week of tax season. No matter how close to the wire you get, as long as your return is postmarked by April 15, the IRS … Read more