Tax Debt Firm Settles With Attorneys General In Multiple States

Sometimes, when it sounds too good to be true, it is.

JK Harris and Company, LLC, a national tax debt firm that promised to help folks settle tax debts, has agreed to change its advertising practice and pay millions of dollars in restitution under a settlement with attorneys general in 18 states. The settlement also affects JK Harris Financial Recovery System LLC and Professional Fee Financing Associates LLC, both owned by President John K. Harris.

JK Harris signed the agreement with the legal heads of 18 states but remarkably denied any wrongdoing, claiming that it had entered into the agreement to make the industry better.

“We are pleased that we have been able to reach an agreement with the states,” said Josh Baker, the firm’s director of communications. “We have made every effort to cooperate with them and believe the agreement we have reached will make our company and our industry stronger.”

Among the allegations against JK Harris was that the company regularly advertised it could help people who owed taxes to the IRS by filing an Offer in Compromise while knowing that the taxpayers may not qualify. The company took money upfront for this service, it was alleged, and the money was not refunded.

This isn’t a first. Prior suits against the company were filed by attorneys general in 2004 and 2005 (sensing a pattern?). Further, the Better Business Bureau has issued an “unsatisfactory” rating for the company headquarters based on complaints.

The statement said the judgment also applies to JK Harris Financial Recovery System LLC (also rated Unsatisfactory by the Better Business Bureau) and Professional Fee Financing Associates LLC, both owned by John K. Harris.

The states involved in the settlement are: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia.

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7 thoughts on “Tax Debt Firm Settles With Attorneys General In Multiple States

  1. Funny, the two old ladies who pop up during Law & Order reruns never mention any problems. “Thank you, J.K. Harris” they say.

  2. Very interesting, J.K. Harris represented me before the IRS, they didnt get any reduction I had not already been able to get the IRS to do and the result was I still owed the IRS over $7, 827 and had to eventually pay it all due to increasing penalties and tax interest too and interest on top of more interest. J.K. Harris kept reassigning to a new staff member my case, finally after about 12 months the O.I.C. was filed and Harris staffers made all kinds of excuses why I would have to still pay the IRS so much for the false advertising Harris does. They definitely cant get you the little guy off the IRS treadmill. Anyone know how to recover fees paid to these shyster creeps. Would definitely like to recover some or all of my fees paid. Thanks.

  3. My experience with J.K.Harris beats any thing i have seen by far on the web so far !!! oct 2009 I ploop down $2,500 dollars and pay (12) payment of almost 200.00 mth at 18% for 12 mths . We provide them with everything ask and every 3 mths we get another so called case worker with the same material requested as the last case worker ! thi went on for 2 yrs and 4 mths ! tThe oic was submitted on 4/21/09 ! I had 7 or 8 different case workers and when they recieved there last payment ,everybody nows what happened next, ci had to call and cal l and call !I felt sorry after awhile for the girl that answer the phone after a while , i ripped some ASS , the OIC was rejected ,of course there responce was i did not deliver on imfo that they requested, and on top of that ,the IRS in there letter specifed what they wanted was so incomplete it was a joke , and theses requests where right at the christmas holidays, You would try to call ,and all you would get was a voice-mail ! BUT, I documented every phone call,e-mail ,fax and copy of every thing i recieved from both JKHARRIS and the IRS !!! They have made it almost impossible for me to get a job,because of a tax lein or to go back to school! this is just a big SCAM and i promise you it will be on the news !!! they have caused just an emotional and finanical hardship that can not be repaired ,and they do not care , anyone in the attorney generals offices care no!!! So what if the BBB gives them a big( F) ! the are just another berrie maddock !!!! including the IRS ,they are not GOD ! they made screw-up ! but neither one will admitted it , so who suffers, the small guy! ! I have them both by the short hairs all on there paper work ! But the big boy that we put in office wont step up to the plate !!!As always !!! I well get my day and soon ,so dont give up!!! there time is closer than they think !!! AND SO VERY SOON

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