Vice, Vice Baby: Sound Off On Sin Taxes

Sin taxes are all the rage these days – with votes pending to tax cigarettes an extra dollar per pack in the state of California to a proposed license fee in Richmond, California, on businesses selling sweetened drinks.

So it makes me wonder, just for fun:

What’s your vice? And would you be willing to pay a little extra in “sin taxes” to keep it (as opposed to a ban)? If you would pay extra, do you think you’d curb your usage?

Weigh in below. Remember that it should be something that you pay for (I’m not looking for a vice like “biting my nails”) and it should be legal (since, fair or not, you don’t pay sales tax on illegal goods like cocaine or services like prostitution).

I’ll kick things off with my vice: coffee. And yes, if I faced a choice between giving it up (horrors!) and paying a little bit more in sin taxes, I’d pay the extra. I love my coffee so it would have to be a heck of a boost in tax before I’d give it up.


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