Taxpayer asks:

I have a question regarding a 1099 or rather a lack there of. I did independent contractor work for a company and they have not issued me a 1099 for 2007. I have a friend who did work for them in years prior and they never issued her one either. Do I report the money I earned on my taxes?

Taxgirl says:

Yes. Assuming that you are a US taxpayer, you must reported all income received, regardless of whether a form 1099 or W-2 was issued.

For more information about forms 1099, see my prior post on the subject.

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  1. I’ve always received a 1099 before but how do you report income if there is no 1099?

  2. Randi Samsal Reply

    I received a call from a vendor who believes that his 1099 should not have included travel reimbursements. These fees were included with service/supply fees on his invoices; however, no receipts were included for the travel expenses such as meals, lodging, and mileage. Are we to have actual receipts for these expenses prior to making them exempt from 1099 reporting?

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