If the IRS felt that the announcement that they were looking for ways to resolve the “cell phone tax” issue would allay the fears of taxpayers, they were wrong. In addition to a buzz on the blogosphere, traditional journalists are taking the IRS to task on the matter. Today, the Wall Street Journal lead its Op-Ed piece with the incendiary question, “What’s next, a tax on each sip of office coffee?”
I’m sorry. I was just contemplating the horror for a second. Nobody messes with my coffee.
You can read the entire piece by the WSJ here (registration may be required).

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney and tax writer.


  1. Nice WSJ article on cell phone tax. Does this also mean that if I use my personal phone (which I pay for) for company business I can deduct a similar prorated cost as a business deduction from my personal income?

  2. It’s getting more and more difficult to separate business from personal phone use.
    We are on cell phones, iphones, blackberry’s 24/7.

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