Last year, United States Representative Charles B. Rangel (D-NY), who heads up the powerful Ways and Means Committee, found himself in hot water when it came to light that he “forgot” to report some rental income on his personal taxes. Apparently, Rangel’s memory hasn’t gotten any better.

In an effort to comply with an ethics investigation, Rangel has amended tax and other disclosure forms. As it turns out, Rangel’s total net worth is somewhere between $1,028,024 and $2,495,000, about twice as much as he reported last year. Included in the list of previously omitted assets include property in Glassboro, NJ; as it turns out, Rangel is delinquent on his property taxes according to the Gloucester County Clerk’s office. While the outstanding amounts are small, records indicate that there were at least six tax liens levied against Rangel’s property during the past 16 years. All of those liens were eventually settled by Rangel.

While Rangel’s aides are blaming the bookkeepers, the GOP is calling for Rangel’s head. A spokesman for Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) has suggested that Rangel step down, saying, “This, again, raises serious questions about whether he should continue as chairman, given the multiple ethics investigations.”

At this point, Rangel has a number of matters, mostly financial, which are being investigated by various ethics committees. In each case, he has an excuse. In this case, it’s just forgetfulness, he claims.

C’mon, who can blame him? Pesky tax bills? He doesn’t have time to worry about paying his taxes… he’s busy chairing a committee that oversees other people’s taxes. Pish!

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer and podcaster.


  1. I can’t figure out how he keeps getting re-elected?! Why can’t a viable candidate just get up and say, “At least I Pay my taxes.” Its like the Mayor Barry situtation, someone just had to say, “At least I didn’t get caught buying crack from FBI agents!”

  2. Ditto! I can’t believe that these same jerks keep getting re-elected. Don’t the voters in their districts read newspapers or have TV?

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