I’ve received lots of interest in my tax amnesty piece from yesterday, mostly in the form of emails. The majority of questions and comments about the piece came from those of you who live outside of the state of Pennsylvania and who wanted to know about the commercial. As it turns out, it’s available on YouTube (what isn’t available on YouTube anymore?). So here it goes:

A little bit over the top, no?

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer and podcaster.


  1. Woah, that’s scary. If that doesn’t get the “big brother” hairs on your neck up then you must be dead. Makes me not even want to THINK about living in PA. Granted other states might’ve contemplated an ad like this but at least they didn’t do it!!

  2. And I am sure that is just the beginning. Same thing actually just happened over in Greece where the Government had only 300ish people claiming to have back-yard pools, when they did a satellite image of the area, they saw 16,000+ pools. Lucy, you have some explaining to do….

  3. garagefather Reply

    If this video doesn’t validate every reasonable thing being said about our out of control government, then nothing ever will. Just wait until they substitute tax delinquency with unpopular speech, and the dream will be dead. We know who and where you are____________ and we don’t like what you are saying. Stop talking or we might look you up. Find a love for our reasoning before we find you…….

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