The upside of a down economy: as Congress puts more emphasis on tax collections, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) needs more workers. Voila. Increased employment.

And no need to worry about expensive promotional materials or classified ads that might get overlooked. The IRS has gone all modern on us, using YouTube as a recruiting tool. A new series on its YouTube channel called “Working at the IRS” now promotes a look at some of the job opportunities available at IRS. Here’s a peek at one of the videos:

The IRS has more than 100,000 full-time and seasonal employees across the country. It’s a number that may continue to grow as audits and collections matters

For more information, you can check out the IRS’ jobs website at

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  1. Just started as an international examiner in LMSB. Let me tell you, there ain’t nothing high-tech about and the selection process.

    I get the impression that there’s also a large wave of career employees starting to retire, so there’s a pretty significant attrition issue as well (although not nearly to the extent the FAA faces with all the air traffic controllers who started after Reagan fired the whole crew). But stepped up enforcement especially in the international arena is definitely on the front burner. I was part of a class of 230 starting last month in LMSB (largest ever) and there were another 150 or so who started in SB/SE. This after a wave of hires in March and another wave coming for September.

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