Oh Philly. It’s as if you really don’t *want* businesses to stick around.

Yesterday, my colleague posted about her experience with the Philadelphia Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Tax. Didn’t know about it? She didn’t either before her husband got a notice. But if Philly Revenue has its way, it sounds like all taxpayers in the City with a tax account will soon. Notices have been mailed out effectively advising business owners that they have to actively file a form with the City confirming that they don’t sell tobacco – or risk a $5,000 fine.

Words fail me.

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer and podcaster.


  1. ThankYouForPayingForMyForcedSmoking Reply

    Having just today been forced to walk through a WALL OF CIGARETTE SMOG due to a brief building evacuation, in a city that is otherwise relatively free of cigarettes, and thereby relatively civilized, I’ll say bravo to Philadelphia. Perhaps it will make it on my list of cities I’d be willing to move to if the need should arise.

  2. @ThankYou

    I think you don’t realize the issue here. It’s not about smoking. It’s about thousands of businesses who don’t sell tobacco having to actively file paperwork with the city indicating they don’t sell tobacco, otherwise the city will proffer them some sort of tobacco tax license and require filing a tax return related to it. Or get a $5,000 fine. For a tax return related to products they don’t sell.

    Now, it’s keeping paper-pushers busy with work they shouldn’t have to do and later it’ll be wasting tax court time as people fight (rightly) the penalties.

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