IRS To Employees: Let's Get Back To Work!

With the shutdown officially over, the Internal Revenue Service had this to say to employees: get back to work!
As per the IRS web site:

IRS employees are expected to report to work no later than four hours after the start of their tour of duty that begins at 6 a.m. or later local time on Oct. 17.

That should mean that normal operations should resume today. But be patient, folks. Employees have been out of work for 16 days. That means that there will be a backlog. Notices have piled up. Messages have gone unanswered. Mail has gone unopened. Refunds have not been issued.
There have been rumors flying fast and furious about official extensions for notices, delayed Collection Due Process hearings and more. As soon as I confirm the details about extensions and any relief that might be available, I’ll let you know.
We’ll have a better idea about what this means for taxpayers as the day progresses. Keep checking the blog for updates.
It’s been a long couple of a weeks for the nation. For a recap of what the shutdown has meant so far, check out these prior posts:

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