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  1. Bill salva Reply

    I just tried to register for your newsletter, but never received an email to confirm my address.

    • Kelly Reply

      I’m sorry to hear that! Can you try one more time and then shoot me a quick email ( if you don’t receive a confirmation?

  2. Yours is the first sensible commentary about the Flat Tax, Pros & Cons. Most folks who lobby for some kind of VAT Tax forget that it is highly sensitive to the Economic Cycle and would force any nation into deficit spending when consumer spending drops off, as it does in recessions. So a VAT would not be a sensible way to close the current 23% Spending Gap AND it would be a sort of Poll Tax on the lower income brackets.

    A Flat TAX solves one important problem. It gets Congress out of the business of legislating The Code to their own ends and puts The House Ways & Means Comm. on a course of sound fiscal budgeting strategies, as it imposes a “hard discipline”.

  3. Toni Porter Reply

    My son’s portion of this stimulus check was taken due to my husband’s back child support. I thought only his got taken???

    • Kelly Reply

      Assuming that you file as injured spouse, the IRS is supposed to take half of the total payment under the offset rules. So if you were both entitled to $2,900 ($2,400 + $500), the IRS was supposed to take $1,450. If the IRS took more, you’ll have to work it out with them after the fact. You should receive a letter within 15 days of your payment that explains how to resolve an incorrect payment.

  4. Chris Genner Reply


    Would like to know if our kids can be eligible for the stimulus package. They were born in the US but living and schooling in parent country. Parent are not citizens of US. But then, everyone seems to have been affected and everyone needs proper care.


    • Kelly Reply

      The IRS has not released an FAQ or official guidance on this, but based on the way that the rules are written, I don’t think there would be a check. It’s clear that one spouse with an ITIN disqualifies both spouses from a check; I think the same result applies to the children. Sorry.

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