spam sucks

I hate spam. And I hate spammers. I would never spam you.
Unfortunately, those rotten spammers have been sending out various emails spoofing my address like mad.
Keep this in mind: I don’t sell Viagra. I wouldn’t know how to buy Canadian meds on the internet if my life depended on it. I don’t care about your sex life. I have no porn tapes to sell. And I definitely don’t have free time to sit around thinking about chatting with anyone.
So if you receive spam that purportedly comes from Kelly Phillips Erb, taxgirl or any variation thereof, I am really sorry. But it’s not me.
Hopefully, a giant hole will swallow up the nasty spammers (there’s a great list here) and we won’t have to deal with them anymore. Until them, just hit “delete” and try not to hate me. If I could stop it, I would.