Announced today:

IRS Creates Disaster Relief Toll-Free Number
IR-2005-88, Sept. 1, 2005
WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced today the establishment of a special toll-free telephone number for use by taxpayers affected by Hurricane Katrina.
People affected by Katrina who need help with tax matters can call 1-866-562-5227.
Beginning today, taxpayers can call the special number Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm local time.
Callers to this dedicated telephone line can find out about available tax relief, get free copies of their tax return transcripts and receive Disaster Tax Loss Kits. Callers may also be referred to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s assistance lines for additional help.
Affected taxpayers who need copies of tax returns to apply for aid or other purposes can have the normal user fee waived by writing “Hurricane Katrina” in red across the top margin of their Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return.
More information about tax relief for victims, making charitable contributions and links to other government web pages is available at
The IRS is continuing to monitor the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and will provide additional relief and guidance in the days ahead.

Eight former KPMG execs have been charged with conspiracy to sell fraudulent tax shelters.  They are former KPMG Deputy Chairman Jeffrey Stein, former officials John Lanning, Richard Smith, Jeffrey Eischeid, Philip Weisner, John Larson, Robert Pfaff and Mark Watson; a ninth person was also charged in the scheme, outside tax attorney Raymond Ruble. It is being described as “the largest tax evasion scheme in U.S. history.”
The company will pay at least $456 million in fines to the feds as a penalty (KPMG made at least $115 million on the schemes, according to prosecutors).