More Tax Haiku

Maybe it’s summer.

Maybe it’s my grief over the UBS saga finally ending.

Or maybe I’ve just been inspired by 1LPoet to find my inner poet.

But it’s that time again. I feel some tax haiku coming on…

In honor of today’s post:

Oh Connecticut.
Your tax burden is so high.
Thank God for Jersey.

Re the UBS settlement:

It’s done, Switzerland.
No more banking secrecy.
Now you just have cheese.

Estate tax repeal.
It’s not going to happen.
Empty Treasury.

Section 1-6-2
You allow me to expense
I think I love you.

It’s no fun if you’d don’t play along! Give it a whirl below. Use 5 syllables – 7 syllables – 5 syllables.

It’s so easy, even an unlicensed tax pro can do it (that’s for you, Robert!).


  1. Joe Kristan

    My Iowa-centric attempt.

    The Power Fund
    Renewable Energy?
    Corporate Welfare!

    I know, keep my day job…

  2. Urbie

    Little IRA,
    Put away so long ago;
    Should be worth much more.

    Such a tiny state,
    But Rhode Island taxes big!
    Size does not matter.

    (Tip of the hat to our off-season info session at Block for this one)
    Stimulus credit,
    Not if you’re a dependent,
    An April surprise.

    (This one refers to my property-tax bill, which is based on an assessment done before the crash)
    Taxing real estate,
    County coffers getting fat,
    ‘Tho we’re worth much less.

    Taxes stay the same,
    User fees pick up the slack;
    must raise cash somehow.


  3. Chris Wright

    I can’t believe it
    I am really doing this
    I have reached new heights

    If Law School fails me
    I can always write haiku
    Who cares about tax?

  4. Robert D Flach


    I had to try just one:

    Congress, read my lips.
    Refundable credits bad!
    Encourage much fraud.

    I will have to write down these things during the year so that I am ready for next year’s challenge.


  5. Dave L

    Tax code is complex
    Exceptions have exceptions
    Ever increasing

  6. Margaret

    I’m a health care lawyer, so:

    Access to health care
    Can we guarantee for all
    And still reduce costs?

  7. Jeff Krause

    I’m new at this but I will give it a shot.

    Wisconsin sales tax
    You bury us in red tape
    Business is fleeing

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