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The number of words in the Tax Code is estimated to be one million–about the same length as the entire Harry Potter series. Add in IRS regulations, revenue rulings, and case law and it can be… a lot.

And it’s constantly changing: In 2017, the National Taxpayer Advocate reported to Congress that there have been almost 5,900 changes to the tax code since 2001 – an average of more than one a day over that time frame.

We all need a little help to sort it out.

Each week on the Taxgirl Podcast, I talk to the best in the business. And these aren’t crazy technical dives: they are interesting and easy-to-digest looks at topics that matter to you. It’s all you need to stay ahead on the most important tax issues.

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Thanks for listening to the Taxgirl podcast. Because paying taxes is painful… but hearing about them shouldn’t be.

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