IRS Claims 2 Out of 3 Taxpayers Now E-File

And here’s their evidence:


Of course more folks are e-filing. It’s fast, it’s easy. And with more folks than ever with internet and computer access, it’s to be expected.


And you knew there would be a but.

Here’s my cynical take… You’ll note fewer taxpayers filing generally, down a whopping 12 million this year. There’s a bump in 2008 – certainly attributable to the stimulus. Might it be the case – and I’m just saying – that folks have been encouraged to filing electronically in order to get money back a little quicker.

I’d love to see the data for 2009 returns filed in 2010. I’m betting if you back out the homebuyer’s, that percentage will drop a little. And I’m not a betting girl normally. But I have a hunch on this one.