Tax Trivia: Football (the European Kind)

Update: We have a winner! It’s Emily! For the answer, see the comments!

Our next tax trivia question for the giveaway is:

A few years ago, the tax laws in a certain country were changed to benefit wealthy foreigners. The law became known as Beckham’s Law, or Beckham’s Tax, because footballer David Beckham was one of the first to take advantage of it – some speculate that it was actually written for him. Name the country.

The first correct answer wins free CCH tax prep software.

I’ll be out of the office today teaching a CLE on taxes and I’ll have limited access to email – if you’re a winner, you likely won’t know until late afternoon, so keep guessing. If you’ve submitted an answer and you don’t see it, it’s likely in the queue. Don’t assume that the last question has been answered correctly – I’m pre-posting trivia today, so be sure to make guesses on both.

Remember that you have to comment on the actual post, not on email, Twitter or Facebook, in order to win (though feel free to comment that way for fun). You can read the rules for the giveaway and more about the prizes here.

What’s your guess?

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