I promised to post a bit more about sales tax – and maybe even throw in a little Fair Tax info to boot – later in the year. Before I get to it, I’d like to know:

What is your sales tax rate and where are you located?

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Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer, and podcaster.


  1. 7.25% – I live in Shasta Lake, CA just outside of Redding, CA. One good thing about this sales tax is double it and you have a tip.

  2. Tennessee: 9.25% – 9.75% (depending on county) (-1% on food). Also, no state income tax.

  3. Metro Boston in good old “Taxachusetts”. State sales tax 5%, food (except restaurants meals) and the first $175 on any article of clothing are exempt. Local sales taxes are not allowed.

    Income tax is 5.3% on all types of income (the higher rate for dividends was abolished at least 10 years ago). Local income taxes are not allowed. County government is very weak, where it exists at all. In most of the state, it was abolished.

    Raising the sales tax would be bad for the environment, because most Bay Staters would drive to NH to shop, as they sometimes do already.

    I think I’ll avoid Chicago. And I’m not sure if the IOC will give the Chicago the Olympics if the tax rates are so much higher than competing cities.

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