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My BlogHer session is later today. For those of you who couldn’t make it, or for those of you who want a recap, here are some details worth noting:

  • Anne-Marie Nichols will be live blogging the session, so take a peek at her site for all of the juicy bits
  • Nina Smith, of Queercents, will be moderating (I met her at the speaker reception, she’s fabulous)
  • Denise Howell, of Bag and Baggage, will be talking about copyright protection and intellectual property (perhaps I’ll ask her about the rogue “taxgirl” who is floating around posting on the STD message boards)
  • Liz Gumbinner, creator of Mom-101, will be chatting about marketing, advertising and blogging.I’m psyched about the session. I have a great panel. I fully expect it to rock.Oh, if it’s that’s not enough excitement, I have hand-outs. Mostly because I’m a geek, but also because I have an odd attraction to office supplies and things like hand-outs. Yes, while many of my colleagues were tying one on last night, I was cabbing to the Kinkos.

    If you miss the hand-outs, I have them available here as a pdf (7 things that every blogger should know about tax) and here as a pdf (deductions).

    If you miss the session, or if you come and have more questions, or if you just want to say hello, feel free to email me.

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