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Designs & Merch

My logo was designed by the brilliant Jay Bevenour of Jay Bevenour Illustration. You can see his other artwork here.

Additional design work (including my Twitter profile page) is attributable to Mike Meulstee. You can find out more about him here.

I do have some available books and merch (c’mon, all the cool kids are into it). My merch (mugs, tees and the like) can be found here.


And yes, the ® does mean a registered trademark. I’ve registered Taxgirl®, Ask The Taxgirl® and Taxes from A to Z® with the USPTO. My attorney (yes, attorneys have attorneys, too) says that I need to sprinkle the little ®s everywhere… So there you go.

Bloggity Stuff

Since I’m asked a great deal about how I blog and where I host and all of that good stuff, here are the details:

  1. My blog is hosted by Ionos (referral link).
  2. I use – self-hosted.
  3. The theme is Cheer Up.

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