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    • Luanne Seps Reply

      Can you pls the address the issue of tens of thousands of eligible Americans the IRS has decided we’re victims of identity theft or some other unfortunate situation. The IRS has made it impossible for them to file a return or use the non filers portal to enter their info to get their stimulus checks. It rejects everything they try to do while anyone else isn’t even required to have a state I’d the security pin requirement is impossible due to the IRS changing it each year no one getting theirs in the mail and no one at the IRS answering calls appts or processing papers. It’s a devastating thing for many many of us and it needs to be fixed so we too can enter our info and get the checks we need so urgently.

      • Kelly Reply

        I’ve heard this from a number of taxpayers. Unfortunately, the IRS hasn’t offered an answer yet. 🙁

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I would like to clarify how does the the tax stimulus checks will affect those who have a tax debt with the IRS?

    Are we still be eligible to receive the stimulus checks? Or, will they be applied to the balance due on a previous tax bill?…

    Thanks in advance,


    • Kelly Reply

      The law says no offset, so your existing debt should not impact your check.

  2. Thanks for your articles on the CARES act. You have provided the best detail in regards to dependents (children) who qualify. I even tried to read the bill! Very much appreciate your information.

  3. Hello Kelly,

    Is there a way to receive the shortfall (in example below, $766) of a phased out stimulus payment in a situation where 2018 instead of 2019 tax return was used to calculate the stimulus payment? If not, if 2020 AGI qualifies for stimulus payment, a taxpayer could receive up to $766 when filing 2020 tax returns in 2021?

    Situation is:
    2018 AGI = 165,317, stimulus payment received $1,634, shortfall $766
    2019 AGI = 113,181, stimulus payment would have been received $2,400

    Thank you!

    • Kelly Reply

      Yes, you should be able to make up the difference with your 2020 return.

  4. Ashley Mcnichols Reply

    I am just wondering why some of us re not getting the qualifying dependent $500 per child my kids 6 years old and all I got was my check

    • Kelly Reply

      There are a lot of folks who want to know the same thing. Sadly, it appears to be a glitch. So far, the only fix the IRS is offering is to wait until you can file your 2020 return.

  5. Kristi Daniels Reply

    I was wondering when the stimulus checks would go out to the AG’s office for back child support?

  6. My fiance is a recipient of SSI disability and is not required to file a tax return but i claimed him on my 2019 tax return so he did not receive the stimulus check. if i do not claim him next year and file a 2020 return for him will he receive it then?

    • Kelly Reply

      He should be able to claim the credit on his 2020 return.

  7. Hi Kelly, is there a way to get on a newsletter/blog email list so I can get the latest right to my inbox? Thanks!

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