With Gas Prices Low, Will Congress Push A Gas Tax Increase Forward?

The Cowboys are making their way towards the Super Bowl. Garth Brooks is on tour. The World Health Organization is warning of a global health scare with origins in Africa. Police officers are accused of violating the civil rights of an unarmed African American man. And there’s serious talk in Congress about raising the federal … Read more

AAA: Most Americans Support Federal Gas Tax Increase If It Leads To Better Roads

If those giant potholes and crumbling bridges are causing you concern, you’re in good company: a recent survey commissioned by AAA found that just over two-thirds (68%) of Americans believe that the federal government should be spending more on roads, bridges and mass transit systems. Only five percent of those surveyed thought that the federal … Read more

Which State Pays Most In Gas Taxes?

Former GM exec Bob Lutz acknowledged that Americans wouldn’t embrace an increase to the federal gas tax – and he was right. There was a lot of reaction to my piece yesterday on Lutz’ recommendation that the federal gas tax be raised in 25 cent increments until gas prices reached $6 or $7 per gallon … Read more

Former GM Exec Bob Lutz Suggests Higher Gas Taxes Would Help Americans

Americans are addicted to gasoline, according to retired General Motors Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz, and there’s only one cure: higher gas taxes. Lutz, who held positions at GM, BMW, Ford and Chrysler before returning to GM in 2001 spoke to a crowd earlier this month at the SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers) 2013 World … Read more

Hot, Hot, Hot: Air Conditioning Tax Credits Have Disappeared

We’re under an Excessive Heat Warning in Philadelphia. In May. Don’t get me started about how much this stinks. I am not a fan of hot weather – especially summer weather in spring. And yes, despite what it says in the sales papers, it’s still spring for another three weeks. The Weather Channel has offered … Read more