Getting To Know You Tuesday: Ryan Ellis

It’s ba-a-ack! After a bit of a hiatus, our weekly Getting To Know You Tuesday is back. This week, we feature Ryan Ellis of Ryan Ellis & Associates, LLC. Ryan was “name dropped” by Robert at Wandering Tax Pro.

Now, onto the interview…

1. Where are you now?

Washington, DC area

2. What’s your official title and what does it mean?
Official title of tax business is “President,” I suppose. Not really sure what this means.

3. What books are on your night stand?

Free to Choose by Milton Friedman and The Forgotten Man by Amity Shales

4. If you weren’t working in the tax profession, what would your dream job be?

I already have it as my day job: the tax lobbyist for Grover Norquist

5. What’s the last movie that you saw (DVD or in the theatre)?

Gosford Park, because I wanted to suffer for my fiance.

6. Tax is a huge subject. What’s your area of special interest?

Small business and rental properties

7. What’s the best tax or financial advice that anyone ever gave you?

Save 15% of gross income for retirement in tax-advantaged savings accounts

8. Coffee or tea?
Coffee–Dunkin Donuts (editor’s note to Dunkin Donuts: feel free to send either of us free coffee)

9. Name five artists on your iPod (or mp3 player).
Evanascence, Johnny Cash, 50 Cent, Coldplay, Killers (though I mostly iPod)

10. What would I be surprised to know about you?

My principal areas of expertise are: tax, politics, Star Trek, the NFL, and Catholic theology

11. What college did you attend (in what subject)?
Catholic University of America, majored in Politics

12. If you had the opportunity to make one change in the tax code tomorrow – an extra credit, a disallowed deduction, whatever – what would it be?
That’s easy: 0% rate on qualified dividends and corporate-source capital gains

13. What’s the best thing on TV right now?
Battlestar Galactica

14. What do you think Congress will repeal first: estate tax or AMT?
Neither. Modified versions of both will exist.

15. If Uncle Sam handed you a huge refund check right now, what would you do with it?
Put it in a no-load, low-expense ratio total stock index fund in my taxable account (tax-advantaged accounts all maxed out)

16. Biggest tax newsmaker: KPMG, Jenkens Gilchrist or Richard Hatch?


17. And, other than taxgirl, what’s your favorite tax related web site?

Thanks, Ryan! And be sure to check out Ryan’s blog at

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