New Jersey is #1!

Don’t get excited… we’re not talking about football (Favre or not, I can’t get behind the Jets**. Go Eagles!). We’re talking about tax.

According to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey residents paid the highest percentage of state and local taxes. Folks from New Jersey paid a whopping 11.8% of income in state and local taxes, more than 2% above the national average.

New York residents just eked out a second place finish, paying 11.7%.

Rounding out the top:

3, Connecticut: 11.1%

4, Maryland: 10.8%

5, Hawaii: 10.6%

6, California: 10.5%

7, Ohio: 10.4%

8, Vermont: 10.3%

9, Wisconsin: 10.2% (tie)

9, Rhode Island: 10.2% (tie)

9, Pennsylvania: 10.2% (tie)

9, Minnesota: 10.2% (tie)

The states that paid the lowest rates are:

1, Alaska: 6.4%

2, Nevada: 6.6%

3, Wyoming: 7.0%

4, Florida: 7.4%

5, New Hampshire: 7.6%

6, South Dakota: 7.9%

7, Tennessee: 8.3%

8, Louisiana: 8.4% (tie)

8, Texas 8.4% (tie)

10, Arizona: 8.5%

** Yes, yes, yes. The Jets are really the New York Jets. But they play in New Jersey. And their fans are from Jersey. I think New Yorkers support that other team.

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5 thoughts on “New Jersey is #1!

  1. That maybe true, but if you live or work in Chicago or in Cook County, IL you’re paying the highest sale tax in the Country. We would probably have higher states taxes if our Democrat Governor (who may be indicted by the Feds any day) and the Democrat controlled State legislature were talking. And with Chicago’s Mayor Daley wanting the 2016 Olympic and more then willing to spend what ever it take to get them – just watch our taxes go!

  2. Interesting how these high tax rates map nearly one-to-one with “blue” states… I too am an “Iggles” fan! :D… oh and the ‘Fests’ down at Penn’s Landing are cool too.

  3. Steve,
    That’s a really interesting point – thanks for bringing it to my attn. Now, I’m going to have to do another post on this… 😉

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