Tax Trivia: Reading the Tax Code

We have a winner! It’s Brad! For the answer, see the comments!

Our next tax trivia question for the giveaway is:

Assuming that you read out loud at the same speed as you count (on average), how many days would it take to read the entire Tax Code out loud without stopping?

The first correct answer wins free CCH tax prep software. My answer on this one is final.

You can read the rules for the giveaway and more about the prizes here.

What’s your guess?

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13 thoughts on “Tax Trivia: Reading the Tax Code

  1. Figure I would show my work for this one. The tax code contains about 3.4 million words. Assume you can read one word out loud per second, it would take this long.

    3,400,000 words would take 3,400,000 seconds to read which is equal to 56,667 minutes, which is equal to 944 hours, which is equal to 39.33 days of non-stop reading.

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