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  2. K. Flood

    It’s last-minute for me, so I have to say thank-you for clearing up Making Work Pay! I had no clue when I hit that line/Schedule M today, but a quick Google search turned up resources. The information at the IRS site was still frustratingly obscure — to me, but I found all I needed to know here and in language I could understand. So I feel competent once again and my headache’s even abating. Thanks so much.

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  4. Kevin

    Hey Tax Girl, Thanks for the usefull information… Been using TurboTax for years and while I have had my share of problems with it, most of it is caused by our greedy government and cumbersome tax codes…

    Fortunately I am not unemployed so I will be paying taxes again this year. No doubt I will be using the TurboTax 2011 – 2012 Edition to try and keep every penny I can from Uncle Sam since I am so dissapointed in what the US government wasts my tax dollars on…

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