Warren Buffet Will Give You $1 Million Dollars…

Well, only if you were at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser last night.

The often “out of the box” Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, offered $1 million to any one in the audience who could prove that he paid a tax rate which was higher than those that work for him. Buffett claimed that last year, he made $46 million and was taxed at 17.7%. Those that work for him pay an average tax rate of 32.9% – with the highest rate being 39.7 percent.

“I’m willing to bet anyone in this room $1 million that those rates are less than the secretary has to pay,” said Buffett.

But, of course, you know that I agree with this statement. My own tax rate hovers at more than 32%, taking into consideration SE and related taxes, which is why I recently posted that being middle class in America sucks.

Our tax policy is skewed to favor the wealthy – especially those who are dependent upon “unearned income” which is income from dividends and interest. The rates for unearned income now tend to hover around 15% which is also one of the lowest rates for the those with earned income (meaning those who make low wages). The rates for earned income for the middle class rise sharply.

And if you don’t believe me, shouldn’t you believe Warren Buffet?

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64 thoughts on “Warren Buffet Will Give You $1 Million Dollars…

  1. Dear, Warren Buffet I think you shoul find it in your life to give me a million dollars since you want miss it in this lifetime or the one I hope to come. Where for you to give a little of a lot of what you so deserve will be a lot for me thanks.

    Rodney Burns Tifton, GA

  2. When you work for the government, they take about 50% of your pay goes back to the government. The fair tax law at 15% should be more then enough. We the people are 99% the IRS is less than 1%. So we the people should be able to say where, when and how our money should be spent. And the people in the Oil business who are making a billion dollars a week profit, should be told to pay their taxes. Why should they go without paying taxes?

  3. Giving money to politicians of any sort is just not right. Stop lining their pockets and help the hard working and poor that really need it. I think of all the people that really could use a financial helping hand, and yes, if I could I would try my best to help if I could. There are so many people that are really good people and reality of the world just does not let them get ahead no matter how hard they try. I know, it’s happened to me over and over again….It’s always the middle and poor that suffer the most. Lets help our own country first, lets ask all the other countries we’ve helped for our money back. We have helped them enough financially, when have they helped us? If I was given a million I would invest in my grandchildrens college/future. If you want to help someone, help me to help them. My grandchildren have a single dad that works 6 days a week just to survive and keep them clothed and fed. He served his country for 10 years and had to come home to take care of his babies by himself. His so called wife abandoned them all for drugs and etc.. It’s just sad!

  4. i’m just a woman working 10 hour days trying to survive in america these days. house foreclosed on lost two businesses in the past three years. making slightly more then one dollar over miniumin wages. looking for investors to go forward again.

  5. That’s what we get for putting Republicans in office who want to continue to give tax cuts to the wealthiest.

    Warren Buffet is smart and not selfish. He sees the problem with our tax code. The more you have and the more you make, the more loopholes there are to get out of paying tax. Having the lower and middle classes take on a disproportionately high amount of the tax burden does not make for a healthy economy and we’re seeing the effects of it right now.

  6. I just want to say, why won’t these rich people help the poor now and then. Some of us have tried very hard to just make a living. and then you get ill and can’t work and all the years you did work don’t amount to anything. I’ve had 3 heart attacks and open heart surgery. I’m left with only 1/3 of my heart that works. I can’t work and I can hardle walk a mile. The doctors gave me 5 more years to live because they say my heart isn’t strong enough to make it through another surgery. I was in a coma after coming out of my last one. And now I get disability, a whole $309. dollars a month. I can’t afford to live on my own, all my family is passed on from heart problems as well. My life is one step away from living under a bridge and I don’t know what to do anymore. They won’t even give me medical coverage. I have thought about ending it, but I beleive there has to be hope out there somewhere?

  7. Steve,
    I am so sorry to hear it.
    I would really encourage you to try and see what kinds of assistance are available to you. I don’t know what state you’re in – but please contact the Department of Public Welfare (or the equivalent) wherever you are. It is likely, with your current circumstances, that you are entitled to a number of benefits and subsidies. And if that doesn’t work, call your local social services – or even the church in your area.
    Despite how it seems sometimes, there really are people who care and who want to help. No situation is ever hopeless. Trust me.

  8. I just think there has to be something. Try your local church, social services, legal aid. People want to help. Please keep looking.

  9. i need help. i have a friend that is stranded in london trying to get back to the states. and no one will help him. the last ticket that he got was from a fake agent and so the ticket was fake. we have tried everything from the airlines to the embassy. and they will not help him. they keep saying that it will cost him money. they don’t understand that he is stranded. NO money. they also keep telling him the he has to pay taxes. what for. he is a visitor there trying to get home to the states. he has been there for 4 months. the hotel that he is at is helping him with accomadations. everything is always about money. no good hearted people to help.

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  11. Dear Mr.Buffet i think it is a wonderfull thing you are doing for the bill and Melinda foundation.There aren’t many people out here in this world today that would do what you are doing.I think you are a great man who cares about others.

  12. I wish someone would make me a millionare. Im a eagle scout,high school graduate and a army vet. Im doing good for myself but i hate to know that i will waste a lifetime working. There is so much of the world i want to see and do but im a boilermaker and always working. I just wish things did not always have to be the same for people like me that have to want 2 have the good life but know they will never see it.

  13. I wish Mr. Buffet would make me a millionare I cant work so I gess I wont
    ever get thair, I just wish things did not have to be the same for people
    like me who wont to have a good life and not half to wont for money
    I am glad he can help some one.

  14. The above two posts are from the residents of loserville. Get over the self-pity, folks. If you want to be wealthy – work hard and smart and don’t start having kids before you can afford them. And hire a personal trainer. Go to the gym. Develop some self worth for chrissakes.

  15. Dr. Mr. Buffett,

    Hi, I know your worth 46 million dollars and I bet Anthony Sykes never put a gun to your head. I have insufficent funds because of my x-spouse and he is a dirty politician to me. I would rather have 46 million dollars and get rid of him in a heart beat thanks to his heartless sole in my divorce left me with nothing to my fireman x-spouse who committed extortion and adultry and stole everything i had.

  16. It would be nice to get a million dollar! this will change my life and the future of my family. His tax may be true due to all his tax credit in all his investment. An average person single with no tax credit will definitely pay a higher tax.

  17. hi,
    i will be sincere, i don’t know how to do this but i know that my dream is to get 1 million dollar.
    i would like to do so many things but money is always stoping me.
    i had a dream that somebody will change my life completly.
    i know that if i get that money then i will be the most happy women on earth because i know how to enjoy life and i need for a big change.
    thank you

  18. Hello Mr. Warren Buffet:
    I wish Mr. Buffet would give me hundred thousand or use me
    as a tax credit, I just get five hundred a month to live on.

  19. hi mr buffet,i dont want any of your hard earned cash,my dream is to own a corvette someday,i am sure i will get it eventually,i do construction work,it pays a little,or i should say enough to keep a roof and the lights on,i say u have to work hard for what u get,it will all fall into place,people need to stop whinning and start working,or go back to school or something,i hope u have a nice day 🙂

  20. MR. BUFFETT,

  21. Mr.Buffet,
    Well here’s my story. In ’87 I was loading furniture.I hurt my back, it was a bulging disk. They used a laser to break it up. When they did a piece went into my spinal cord. I was paralized for 6 months. In ’07 I had to have 5 back surgeries. I became totally disabled.
    I use to drive an eight-teen wheeler. Made good money.
    I don’t have money to help my kids. I found out I have dibetes, have to take shots. I draw social security it doesn’t go far.
    I can’t afford to go to therapy 3 times a week, I don’t have money for spinal injections every two weeks, usually don’t have money to get prescriptions.
    I hate having to ask my mother or my children for money. I’m the dad. I’m disquisted, depressed, and going through a divorce.
    If you could see it in your heart to help me I would greatly appreciate it.
    Right now I’m living with my girlfriend. I had to borrow 900.00 dollars for my divorce. I want to marry her this summer. Our credit is not good enough to get us a double-wide home to live in. I have an acre more or less to put it on. It has sewage, water and the light pole there. I just want her to have good things, she was in a bad marriage for 21 years. We get along so good. We both prayed to God one night to send us someone to love me for who I am, what I looked like, and grow old together. I don’t even have money to buy an engagment ring for her.
    Frank Allen Meyers

  22. If I were instantly made into a millionaire, I would find families in need and help them get on their feet. Homeless families, and families about to be homeless. I would do good things for people who needed it. I also would not go blabbing to people about where I got the money.

  23. I wish i had a million dollars. i have nothing and i’m very poor. it would be really nice if you gave me money.

  24. Mr. Buffett does not have to pay his army of tax accountants to find ways to save him taxes. If he paid like us common folks and did not take advantage of tax loop holes nor interpret the tax law to his agvantage I would imagine he would pay a rate comparable to his secretary. I also would guess that the amount he pays is a greater percentage of the benefits he is ever going to be eligible to receive than that those who work at Walmart. I admire Warren for all his suceess and how hard he worked to attain thist success. But I think, on this issue, he speaks as a man with a lot of money and no matter how much tax he pays it will not effect his or his children’s life style. But that does not mean because of this financial sucess that the government should take more of his hard earned money to give it to other companies that are not as well managed as his. Nor should we charge him more for benefits that he propably will never be eligible. Helping those not able to help themselves is one thing, trying to redistribute Mr. Buffet’s weath to help those who make repeated bad decisions in life is another thing. Mr Buffet gives a fortune through private donations to charities around the world that his staff probably does not match. Again, he is a good man…I just thin his statement is a bit short sighted. IMHO

    If Mr Buffet feels guilty about his wealth and feels he does not pay enough tax …the government does take gifts.

  25. Need to leave my job of 21 years engineering at the phone company(it’s tearing me apart), my 54 year old husband is battling lung cancer. I have 3 great book ideas, 1 in almost finished mode,1 in short story mode thus far, and the 3rd will come from t the 2nd book. However, I now do not have the time nor the oppurtunity to make these dreams come to pass. Would not pass up any help and am a bit of a loner. So Warren it’s up to you love. Anyway,best wishes to you and yours

  26. i worked 32 years have try to save money and very time i do something happens i have a dream of openining a littlie hotel,you know buy a bank own house on the beach and turn it into hotel but i am tired i am 46 and dont see it happening.how could i make this happen.and my husband just found out he has liver cancer.i would like him to rest.help have try selling on ebay but that not going very well,vee

  27. International jugglers day is on April 18

    I have always wanted to become a Millionaire. I am an Inventor, who holds Patent # 60/06-650,075 at the Department of Patents and Trademarks Office. My device is “The Automated Commode Fixture” AKA; “The Rollins Smart Bowl”, AKA; The Automatic Flush Control System. Others get all the credit and money for my Invention unfortunately. I have other Inventions, but so far not the money to fund them. Perhaps this is the break I have been looking for.

  28. Don’t you people know that rich people very rarely give any of their money away unless it is for a tax break. Since you guys are not a charitible organization it will not happen. Billionaires spend most of his time thinking of ways to spread their empires. Most filthy rich people have very little regard for people who are in need. Truth be known that there are many middle class people who are more capable and intelligent than those who are billionaires. Most billionaires stem from huge inheritances, dumb luck, etc.
    Keep your stinking money!

  29. Greeting to you Mr. Buffett…….I have never wanted to be rich just comfortable…..all of the dreams that I had as a little girl sitting in my little red rocker still has not come true…….but I’m still grateful……I am now 48 years old and I’ve worked all of my life doing what the average American doestrying to making ends meet and saving for a house but never got it……I tried so hard that I almost killed myself and not in the since of the word but in the doing…..in 2008 I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis went from 285 to 120 was in the hospital for a total of a year and a half with the the longest stay beening 3 mths….I have gained some back but not all and this is good…..but now my life has changed and also all of my dreams……I don’t believe in hand outs….I feel if you work for it you will appreciate it more……..but the bills “have drowned ME”….and I need help……not much just a little……but I know there are others worse off than me…….If you know of or see a way of helping……I will be forever grateful to you……feel free to do a back ground check on me I have nothing to hide I just want to continue to survive………Still Standing!!!

  30. Dear Mr. Buffet,
    I have been working on one of my latest, and greatest of all inventions recently, and would like to obtain your assistance in bringing it to the public. It is inexpensive, reliable, and once people know of it, just about everyone will want to own one for their very own. I will not post what it is here yet. If you would like to learn more regarding what I have to offer, please feel free to contact me @; ninacake48@aol.com and I will be more than delighted to fill you in all about it. Wishing you and yours the very best, and my god bless you always.


    I remain; Professor: Howard Daniel Rollins III
    Inventor and Scientist!

  31. I am not looking for a hand out saying everyone owes me. I am looking for a wealthy person like yourself to help me with a loan that I will be more than happy to pay back. I am a small business owner in the trucking business that has worked hard to get where I am. But due to drastic fuel prices I feel I am going under. With a plan of making my own bio diesel I feel I can pull out of the hole im going in. I have collateral and willing to sign anthing to guarantee repayment. please help me the banks wont.


  32. Buffet isn’t looking a Federal Income Taxes only. Those are highly skewed and penalize the wealthy. He’s looking a the sum of FIT and Payroll Taxes. Payroll Taxes pay for Medicare and Social Security. The income taxed by Payroll Taxes is capped, and hence regressive. Nonetheless, lifting the income taxed would make these programs look more and more like welfare, which they really are. As such, the right and the left have been very reluctant to change it. The left knows that the day Medicare and Social Security begin to look like welfare is the day that those programs die.

  33. Dear Mr. Buffet,
    I would like to present you with my current Telephone numbers inorder that you may contact me regarding my Inventions. My home phone # 337-214-7271 and my Cell # 337-468-0520. I have enlisted the assistance of the Corproate lawfirm; Vethan Law Firm PC, 3501 Allen Parkway, in Houston Texas. Their phone # 713-526-2222. Should they succeed with assisting me in getting my entitlements, I will indeed become extremely wealthy to say the least. I would be honnored if you should decide to involve yourself also with what I have to offer. It is my objective to enrich the lives of people the world over with my products of invention. One of my big projects involves a system that would prevent Hijackers from Comendearing Aircraft.

    Take care for now.


    Howard Daniel Rollins III

  34. Mr.Buffet. I am a single mom who has had a rough life from day 1 and it sucks its like i have a black cloud over my head, what ever i try to do to improve my life it never works out,life is so hard. i went to school for massage therapy but did not finish becouse my mom got real sick i could not handle school and her dieing now i have school fees to pay back so untill then i have to work in a factory barley making it. and it sucks relieing on someone to just make ends meet. i have never had a new car i always have car problembs you just dont even know the trouble i have i try to make a good life for my boys its been rough thankfully they understand.i play the lottery but lady luck has not come my way. life will get better i hope glad you got to experiance the good life. THANK YOU Tina

  35. Dear Mr. Buffet,
    I’m sure you don’t read these things. But I guess I’m going to take a shot into the wind like many others have on here. Why not…So! here it goes. I’m a 41 year old woman living alone with my three cats and one dog. I have a job that does not cover all my bills. After completing 2 years of college I now find myself with a 30,000 thousand dollar debt that will take the next 20 years to pay off. People told me furthering education was the answer, not in my case. I would still be making what I’m making now with out a college degree.
    I bought a house two years ago. It only cost $51,000 dollars, it’s a roof over my head, well at least until it caves in due to the severe sway in it. My bath tub drain has been clogged for almost 1 year because I’m live pay check to pay check and choose to buy new tires for my elderly mothers car instead of having it repaired. My mothers safety was more important. My car is old but is paid for, the muffler is hanging on from a coat hanger I used to keep it from falling off.
    I also have many unpaid medical bills due to a kindey and gallbladder removal. In the next year, I will need my impacted wisdom teeth removed and two tumors in my right breast will need taken out. I have medical insurance but I have a $500 dollar deductable and a 10% out of pocket everytime I go to a doctor or dentist. Not to mention the $54 dollars that is taken out of my paycheck to pay for the insurance. I can’t afford vision insurance so my eyes will just have to wait. Every week I put a pile of unopenned medical bills in a shread bin because I have no money to pay them off. I’m sure someday one of the bill collectors will place a lean on my home and garnish my paycheck leaving me with even a smaller amount of money and no means to pay my other bills. Many people call the wayI live keeping your head just above water, I call it slowly dying and welcome to today’s middle class.

  36. Dear Mr. Buffet,
    I would still like to opportunity to work with you and your representatives, regarding the development of my inventions. If you would be so kind as to have someone contact me via my e-mail address listed, that would be most appreciated.


    I remain;
    Howard Daniel Rollins III
    Inventor and Scientist!

  37. I have aand need to money to help melways tried to help friends and family since being laid off over 4 months ago i am stuck. I am tring to get back on my feet and need to money to get there. The only thing that has saved me in my old company stock but i only have 12 shares left I wish i had bought more. Please help if you can.

  38. I use to have a good job in the retail business and am tring to better myself. My living situation is rough and am using my friends car i would love to have my own house and car.
    Thank you,

  39. I am in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am working in the Tax Administration as a graduate economist. Except my regulary work I am writting the project proposals with a purpose of helping undevelopment municipalities and to poor people.Except my regulary work I am writting the project proposals with a purpose of helping undevelopment municipalities and to poor people. I worked in the Municipality of Laktasi (B&H) and so I managed (with help of one friend) to employed about 30 disabled in Jumbo Pet factory .I never took some money for myself. I have permanent job in the Tax Administration, but during the weekend I am going to visit the disabled who I employed.I am trying to help children in Home for children.We need only one laser to give gratis surgery, in first months for 13 disabled, can You help me, where we can get grant for the laser? Later we want to realize the project of medical tourism,by that project organization which can help with laser, will also has large income . I am a girl, I have wish to help. Sorry for my english 🙂

    Thank You,

  40. my family and I made a horrible move thinking it would be great to be around family and a better place for our kids. We were wrong ! but wait i dont want a million dollars i just need someone to buy our house and let us make the payments. It’s in montana and we need to be back so we can get out of this horrible depression we have found ourselves in. with 150,000 we can buy our house back and maybe get a new chevy? we have never had a new one and i would be very happy with a used truck that will make it 2000 miles and our house would be a huge bonus!! if nothing else and your reading this i am asking you all to just say a prayer that we can get the money to get a truck and our home back because of this horrible mistake of a move we made…. THANK YOU

  41. Mr. Buffet,
    I am in need of financial backing in order to get my invention to market. The company that I am working with has asked me to put up a substantial amount of money, which I do not have, to proceed with the R & D and development of my invention to present it to a company to manufacture it and bring it to market.

    If you can see your way clear to invest in my invention I will be eternally grateful to you. The amount I need for them to move forward is $10,000.00 which I know is no small amount but I feel that if I can get my invention to market the return on that investment would be more than ten fold.

    Thankingg you in advance for any financial help or advice that you can give me.

    Charlie Cucchiara

    ten ten fold.
    Thanking you in advance for any help or advice that you can give me.

  42. Dear Mr. Buffet, i dont want money from you,but i do need transportation to get to and from work? would like anything you can do for me.


  44. Mr and Mrs Buffet: I know you have alot of people asking for money…. My wish is to get a car that works so I can get my 82 year old mother to all her appointments and her erronds done and a lawn mower that will not choke out on me when I am doing the lawn. I am 56 years old with RA and I cannot afford all this on my own so could U help just a little PLEASE!

  45. All I would love to have from warren or any of our rich class is a chance to start my own business.One thing we need in this world is to get our kids active,hunting and learning about outdoor life to me is a great way to teach kids and teens there is more to life than tv and games.Get outdoors,learn about hunting and wildlife.I would love to start a quail & rabbit hunting business for the young and older hunters who have no place to hunt since we have destroyed there land.youth hunts & private hunts would do teens great and make money.I also believe we need to release so many quail a year to populate new wild bird .if warren would like ti invest in this program or any one else I would donate 20% of each year profit in there name to different shelters n poor to get them there chance in life

  46. mr,buffet i have worked hard all my life got injured in working for big busineww got thrown out on the street was told i didd not get injured workingg for his nig business as i was working i put all my money in raising 3 children and trying to get a gatage built for me and my sons a job working for ourselves but i fan out of money before i could finish it i was hoping you could send me a million dollars to finish it if you can here is my address 118 wisdom lane south fork pa 15956 i can only ask with hopyu will help me thank you forbreading this look forward to see wha action you take

  47. Hi mr buffett. I come to you and ask if you could give me a million dollars npt because i deseerve it but because i need it i have no money and cant get ahead i really need a second chance at life wete not always worried about putting food on table but i know im the last person to deserve your help but dont know what else to do thank you mr buffet you are my hero

  48. Hi Mr.Buffett
    I’m needing help at this time and I admire you more than anyone so I’m sending you this message.I’ve never really had much in my life except to just make it pay check to pay check and now that I’m a lot older in my mid 50’s I need and want a nice house to live in that cost 240,000.00 I need your help so I can have a decent place to live and hopefully have a swimming pool to go with the house.I hope you see this message but if you don’t I will understand.
    Thank you!
    God Bless

  49. Mr Buffet, I do hope that you get a chance to read this, I need 5 Million dollars so that I can pay off my mortage, my pickup and broken down motorhome, plus be able to take my girlfriend on a vacation to see all the states. She has only seen three. I am 72 years old and on a fixed income. This money would help me buy the property next to me so that a building could be put on it to keep the motorhome out of the weather. Do pray to hear from you. Thank you.

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